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The violonist of Parikrama.

The violonist of Parikrama. Credit: Screed Hauteur

It was a dark, cloudy evening; the crowd seemed less anticipating at the beginning, outgrown upon a series of sound-checks. Parikrama, a name which dwells in most enthusiasts of the Indian rock scene, drew fans from kids to the older lot, unlike the other gigs which mostly strike a chord with the youth. Parikrama started off with ‘In the Middle’, ‘Am I Dreaming’ and ‘As Refreshing as Ever’. ‘The Trooper’ was neat along with ‘Highway to Hell’ which left the growing crowd drool into frenzy. Nitin Malik, the lead vocalist tried hard to match AC/DC’s late Bon Scott.They played ‘Tears of the Wizard’, ‘Life is Certain’ and ‘But It Rained’, which were all remarkable. The violinist had the crowd rolling, especially for the song ‘Open Skies’. A few music enthusiasts in the audience thought that they had come close to the likes of Pink Floyd’s ‘Comfortably Numb’ with it.

Pentagram on Stage

Pentagram on Stage. Credit: Screed Hauteur

Pentagram, on the other hand, struggled to put up with Parikrama.Though Vishal, their lead singer, tried hard at the vocals, it didn’t seem to be of any help. Apparently, there was some problem with the sound output (which many thought was a lame excuse!). Many in the crowd wondered why they avoided the sound check after Parikrama left the stage, a decision for which for which they eventually paid the price. ‘Rock ‘n’ Roll’, ‘Electric’, ‘Ten’ and ‘Animal’ were mesmerizing. By then the whole place was overtly crowded and there was zeal at this point and Vishal cheered the crowd enthusiastically. The head bangers were all there for Pentagram, but the highly anticipated ‘Voice’ suffered terribly. The disheartened audience didn’t want to buy the ‘problem with the sound setting’ excuse anymore.

For this was Pentagram’s first performance in the city, their dominance prevailed throughout the show. Parikrama, often known for fumbling lyrics and playing the same tracks over and over seemed to have improved in this gig. There was a kind of rejuvenation in their music this time, which was absent in their previous performances. We’d love to see Pentagram again hopefully with everything going right! But it really did rain for Parikrama. A great ending to a great night!

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