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An agitation was organized in the Osmania University campus, as a voice against the administration, regarding the detainment of a large number of students of the engineering course starting July 5th 2008. A rule that was exacted by OU, compacts to “No student would be promoted to the 2nd year of engineering without acquiring a pass grade, in at least 50% of the 1st year subjects, and, he would require to complete all the courses of the 1st year, in order to get promoted to the 3rd year of BE.” This would allow students of engineering a chance of taking an exam of the same subject, in case of failure for three times, at the most. In the case that he does not fulfill this, he would have to repeat a year of engineering, to take those exams again. This, students said was unfair.

The rule is being implemented for the ‘2007’ batch of students. Some claim that it was implemented twice before, in the years 1999 and 2002, but was taken back due to the pressure of the protests against it. This inconsistency, in making and implementation of rules does show of the superficiality of the ideas of the university, they say. The students, who called in for the agitation, raised several points of demand, (though, ‘request’ would be more apt) against this rule. There were many students, who had cleared all the subjects of their 2nd year course, but had failed repetitively at passing a course of the first year. And, according to the rule, he would have to study for one subject for a year. Even if it is only 2 or 3 marks down the boundary line that is causing the difference. This would only multiply the damage the ‘backlog’ causes to the career of the student.  Also, in the Osmania University, course pattern, it is seen that the first year courses are compulsory, regardless of the stream of study. “Those are basic courses”, says the University. (Well, what would you call the 10+2 years preparation we undergo, to get into a ‘professional course’?? Timepass eh? Or maybe, basics for the basics!). Now, this resulted in students of Electronics department, getting detained for failing a course in ‘Mechanics’ or ‘Engineering Drawing’, and students of the Mechanical dept., failing to secure a pass grade in “C Programming”, which are compulsory courses. Doesn’t this end up as a senseless ‘Study for marks- else you are kicked out’ inkling?? At the level of professional education, you are actually forced into accepting terms and conditions, which you don’t seem to believe in.

The time of your life that actually decides, what you are going to be, in the future that lies ahead, you are dictated into ‘pleasing others’, though you don’t really like what you are doing. An electrical engineer must study ‘mechanics’, else he will never become the Edison he aims to be. We will not allow him to be. Where our education system claims to be building leaders, these ‘rules’ actually are teaching students, to ‘bend’. To ‘adjust’ to the system. To ‘obey’. To give in individuality, and ‘surrender’. Reason; the one that does so, would be declared ‘successful’. Good. Also, the reluctance of the member committee, to entertain any idea from the students pissed people off. Students have been approaching the concerned department, only in vain of reaching the right person. The Acting Vice-chancellor did not turn up for the three days students tried getting their word to him. Letters have been submitted, just as they were asked to be, but were not seemingly read. All they were asked to do was wait. Principals of a couple of colleges are in support of the students’ cause. The rest, are still thinking.

On being asked, the reason why the agitation wasn’t called for when the rule was announced, which was a year back, but now when it was being implemented, a student says, “ We did not want to doubt ourselves. We wanted to give it a try. We did try. But we failed. So, now we ask for a better ending to it.” Good point. Forgetting the cause and course of the agitation, the people involved and not-getting-involved, the grief of students and the sad answers of the authorities, the suicide attempts and the negligence of evaluators, for the time being, there is something yet. The ideas behind the agitation. The feel behind it. The feel of the member board, that the student deserves what he gets from exam results. Though, the in-one-week-results are never talked about. Who wants to answer anyway!

The feel of relief of the now-in-third-years, “Ah! I was lucky!” The feel when you have seen a two-year-senior writing an exam along with you, for the 7th time altogether, and you are imposed upon by a rule that states, you got only 3 chances to do it. Do it or die. Others can live in your absence, just the same. The feel, when you know, your friend in a college affiliated to JNTU, isn’t forced to study a subject not related to his main-stream, and you are. And the only answer you get is “you shouldn’t have joined an OU college, then!” The feel when you hear, revaluation ain’t of no weight, even if you do score a 90%, after it. You have lost a year. (Or maybe a life!) The feel when you clear all your second year subjects, in a first class, yet, u are proved no good to move further. It is the feel which matters. It is the feel, which depresses people or satisfies them. It is the feel that destroys people or constructs them. Ok, but we aren’t speaking about people right. We are speaking of rules. Rules rule. Will the rule be taken back, will justice be done, or mercy shown, we have got to wait and watch. How long? Hope not longer than ‘the year’, they would lose out of their careers. Hope not longer than the point in time, where attempts to suicide are successful. Hope not very long….

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