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An IEEE women students congress 2008 was held at the UGC Auditorium on the 12th and 13th of July,2008 conducted exclusively for all the girl

Credit: Swarm Swain

Credit: Swarm Swain

students across the city. Indeed this was an equally educative and entertaining interactive session conducted by the IEEE for the benefit of the future entrepreneurs with budding talents who are shaping up their dream careers in the various engineering colleges in town.

“Dream your goal, set your vision, build your team and you become an entrepreneur says “ Smt. Anita Sakuru , CEO of Kenpeople technology at the IEEE women student congress 2008 held at UGC-Auditorium of JNTU. A standing personality whose vision was to emulate Bill Gates in her college life is now one of the few  women entrepreneurs who is dynamic and looks equally energetic and manages her life fantastically balanced. She says, “the world is an open university to the opportunities, all you need is the ability to welcome risk and be a opportunity hunter”. She quotes adages to convey us that taking risks is a part and parcel of work culture like entrepreneurship.
She says  “All boats are high as tides raise high” talking about the opportunities one has in the IT market, which make today’s youth feel high and complacent just because the opportunities around them are high. She says not to be content with what we have. Emulate, augment through out every stage of your life. She believes that it is the character that builds relations and organizations more than anything and advises to introspect your behaviour, your attitude, and your confidence.

Then followed the queries…………… When asked about how important is MBA to the upcoming entrepreneurs, she says it is just a liability and all you know at the end of the day is the probability of faltering in your business.
To a query like how to face big fishes in business, all that she says is to be an initiator, innovator of products which are not there in big markets so that big fishes either give you a shade or leave you but can never preempt you from being a successful sailor in this ocean.

Though her talk was post lunch, it never occurred to me so, as usually the post lunch sessions in any such meet are considered boring. Followed by it were few more presentations like Search engines by Sri.M.G.P.L.Narayana Vice president-TCS-HYD&Chairman IEEE- Computer society chapter. Added to it was another lecture on microwave communications.

Credit: Swarm Swain

Credit: Swarm Swain

The meet was especially for women engineers from various IEEE student branches across the state. The first day witnessed though not great influx, but was noticeable , enthusiastic gals from engineering colleges. Hardly very few people from Information technology were there compared to the other branches. The crowd seemed very much interested in the conference and was very interactive. Queries posed during or at the end of  sessions really show the quest in the students to know what is what. At the end was a test for the student for a duration of 35 minutes, which tests the capabilities computer networks. The cuisines during the lunch and the high tea provided have shown the care taken by the organizers at every hour for the benefit of the students. The program continued even on July 13, 2008 with IBM people like director Ms.Kalpana Margabandhu , and general manager and HR. The second day of IEEE meet had women from corporate world IBM and they called it IBM technology day. Kalpana Margabandhu chair person of Indian women council, only girl student from her class is proud to face young techno freak gals. Her attire, apparel never give us a dimension of her position.

KEEP LEARNING is the mantra she chants in every one’s life because many students who come out of campus to corporate suppose that it is the end their learning where as it is the beginning of the learning for the rest of  one’s life. In our transition from campus to the corporate world, one is always expected to meet employer’s expectations of which personal excellence is what keep us awake through out our life Drive to succeed, self motivation, high self esteem, flexibility/adaptability, creativity Excellent communication skills are all what one needs to excel in the corporate world.

If expectations > reality, then reality= frustration, this is one pragmatic equation of our career that really holds at interval of career domain” she says. “Never expect your position, flattery from others though you did your part well so that it doesn’t make you feel about others callous attitude.” The final words to women facing her are to balance life at every corner.

Credit: Swarm Swain

Credit: Swarm Swain

There was also gyaan given on a new technology introduced called Green computing.  The two words  though appear to be contrasting to each other, it was Suparna Bhattacharya from IBM who said both go hand in hand with the world being occupied with computers than green covers as we are at stake due to environmental threat. She points out co2 which is emitted from big internet spaces i.e. servers though doesn’t appear as serious but it contributes good to the disaster. Her post graduation in this area shows the importance she has given to bring energy efficient systems. Dr. Uma G Rao from HR department divulges about the opportunities one has in service sector. The statistics per her:

Oppurtunities in various sectors

Field Availability Use
Services 65% 5%
Applications 23% 40%
Products 8% 35%
Technology 4% 20%

This shows the service requirement is large but we could fill only 5% so she suggested us to take a step into that area.

At the end was the feedback given by the students. Few students expressed their gratitude with the way it went on, few suggested workshops would be too good to implement in such conferences from next time. With such valuable programmes IEEE conferences  introduced  to all the  new technologies and professionals from the corporate world to share their success stories. All that one needs to attend such a conference is to be a member of IEEE. The main attraction was that top six students who performed well in the test conducted IEEE on computer networks were given prices at the end of valedictory function.

Women in 21st century proved less to nobody, with this foray into every arena but still a long way to achieve a complete revolution. In this context, it is a welcoming initiative taken by IEEE & JNTU with a consensus to bring out women entrepreneurs.

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