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Winds of Change

By Natty Nawab On July - 28 - 2008 ADD COMMENTS

“Change is the law of nature”, anybody who has ever studied english even at a very elementary level must have heard the quote but the thing is, Is change a necessary evil or a way of modifying our lives for better? Winds of change are always blowing around, its just the moment when they catch up with you. IIIT , Hyderabad. A student of this college for the past few years, I have seen many a change occuring in my alma mater, some have been curious, some good and some downright pathetic. Some of the memorable changes can be the introduction of Yuktahar Mess, starting of Jivan Vidya (a change which people in general tend to detest). But in the last year, it seems that the construction trend of Hyderabad has also caught up with our college.

There is construction going on left and right and wherever you can see in the campus for last few months. This all started with the construction of a new hostel block now known as OBHEB aka Old BOys HOstel Extension Block and since then it must be fucking raining funds on IIIT coz even after our desperate cries for the construction of a hostel in our first year when two of us had to be accomodated in pigeon hole of a room, and we had to suffer this for 2 whole years after which we finally got single rooms but after that the administration has been on a construction spree.

We have had two new hostel blocks, a new stage and now the baap of all, a new HUGE main building is being constructed, its gonna hev two wings and six floors quite large when compared with the current main building with a measly three floors. The Main building has seen its days of glory and fun. No student who has had a year in IIIT will ever be able to forget the legendary rooms like 104, 302 & 305 where all the formal and informal discussions generally used to happen. Whether it be the student parliament meeting or some FELICITY related meeting and even the student disciplinary committes also had their hearings in these rooms. Ofcourse the main purpose of these rooms (of having classes) was also served in the meanwhile. One of the best memory of this building is the photo shown below showing the geeky effect on the minds of IIITians. This has been one of the LOLest thing which has happened during my stay at IIIT.

There are a hell lot of rumours doing round about the future prospects of the building once the new building is completed. Some say that it is gonna be a hostel for the married Ph.D student, some say that this is gonna be a main building for the Gurukulam students. Whatever it is but I am sure gonna miss the labs 204 & 210 where every IIITian has understood the basic fundas of C Programming converting them from nobodies to programming gurus ready to take on the world.

Here’s looking forward to the day and hoping that it will also bring so many beautiful memories to the future generations of this college, some of whom will be joining on 1st August. In the end would just like to add this in dedication to our very dear “OLD” Main Building

There are places I remember
All my life, though some have changed
Some forever not for better
Some have gone and some remain
All these places had their moments

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