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IIIT Overtaken

By Natty Nawab On August - 26 - 2008 ADD COMMENTS

After being in a college for quite some time, it becomes a foster home for you, a home away from home. A place which starts being more familiar than your home especially if you are a hostellite. Even while coming back from home at the end of vacations, its always home coming. It feels like finally you are going to reach your own territory after living in a place which has become sort of alien to you in all these years.

Similarly people of my college also tend to have the same feelings about the college and the hostel, you see all the familiar people day in and out, some are your juniors, some seniors, some friends, some foes and some are the people whom you just know by face but couldn’t ever get the chance to interact due to some or the other reason. IIIT being a small college there is much chance that you would be knowing almost all the people you see (specially from B.Tech ), after all the combined strength of 4 years of B.Tech in IIIT is 700 and colleges like IIT-Kgp take 700 students every year which gives people a very good chance to interact with almost whole of the college.

In the last 1 year, though IIIT is fast becoming a sort of anomaly to this and most of the people you see when you decide to stroll around in the campus are the unfamiliar faces which you haven’t had the chance to see before. Specially in the summer vacations with the first year students and people from the passing out batch leave the campus and many people from the 2nd and the 3rd year also leave and also because of the arrival of people from other colleges to do projects in the college, it generally happens that you can always find people whom you haven’t seen earlier in IIIT, but this summer has been the most strange summer for the people of IIIT….

The people of Gurukulam* have already been defying the strength of IIITians as you can see a lot of gurukulam people in the campus, but this summer I don’t know what happened to the college. I think a huge number of people must have come for summer projects in the college but every other face you saw in the campus was unrecognizable. All the common hang out places were filled by people who were not from IIIT. You go to canteen, you see a horde of new faces, coffee shop the scene is same and if ever you decided to visit the T.V. Room, it was already fill with those people.

I am not against people from other places coming to the college to do projects and stuff, this is a good college so people will surely come and do projects under the Profs here but I am concerned about the place. Each college has a culture of its own and our seniors after years of hard work have established a culture of the college and we also have done our best to try and preserve this culture. These people coming seems like an intrusion of our privacy to me. This is a home for all the students and if some unwanted people come who are not their guests but forced by somebody else to live in their home, they are bound to be upset.

Hoping that this ordeal finishes off fast, with the return of the current first years as the 2nd year seniors and the arrival of a fresh blood of young kids who will also become a part of this IIIT family, I am hoping that all these effects will diminish and we will be able to see more and more of IIITians in IIIT.

* Gurukulam – Its a scheme started by A.P. Govt under which financially backwards people are allowed to study in IIIT and use the resources at a very miniumum price. This has become almost a separate system with diff building for classes and different teachers too

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