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Well, before I start into the main theme of the article, I would like to ask you a question. What is the difference between inter life and engineering life? There is some change. in inter you need to by heart formulae, remember chemical equations, crack your brain thinking how much time it takes for a stone to fall on the ground…etc.and what more..You need not do the lab work in exams, just pretend and they give you marks. In engineering, there’s a bit practicalness in the air. When you study a subject there’s scope for seeing a practical application to it.

But is that all? Studying subjects and clarifying doubts…do they help you?

You need to extend your sphere of practicality because that helps in placements. Way back to 6 years, there are no on-campus placements. So everybody concentrated on the technical skills, subject knowledge etc.but now, the boom of IT had become an emerging icon in India and sent new ripples of hope across the engineering colleges. The new IT boom has promised to provide a job to every student through on-campus selections, job melas.

But the only skill they demand from the student is communication skills. Your capability of presenting and putting forth your skills, your confidence and a little bit of subject. If you are good at these, then you are done. So easy to grab a job…But here comes the problem. Most of the reservation students, non-local students hail from native villages where they are not accustomed to speak in English, the basic language across the globe. they are good at technical skills, capable than most of the good-speaking guys but the job simply slips from their hands only because of lack of presentation skills.so, to cope-up with these new trends and tailor-cut the skills of the students to suit the needs of software companies the colleges have started taking a new responsibility to nurture corporate skills among the under-graduates. They are encouraging the students to participate in the extra-curricular activities, give projects, presentations, organize etc.so several student organizations have come up with young buddies volunteering to open clubs after college hours and practice the skills.so, thus the new innovative idea of clubs.

Now, let us have a look at the various clubs and a website which are started and being run by the talented youth.

The www.enigmaportal.com is a website which was built by a young enthusiast, updating it with the help of his friends. It was done as his project for the second semester of the final year. The project’s success was the culmination of the efforts of a team. The budding of the idea took place in December 2004.in January 2006, the official documentary was prepared. On September 23rd 2006 the project received appreciation from Dr.A.S.Rao, Scientist G.Department of Science&Technology, Govt.of India.

The project’s main motto was to build a common platform and serve as a discussion forum wherein students, teachers and anyone can gather to share their views. It is an online discussion forum where you can share something you know and learn what you don’t know. The caption of the project being “only those who see the invisible can do the impossible”. Any student can register himself/herself and get to know various technical events taking place in different universities across the country. It also serves as a guide letting you discuss your doubts and seek answers. It is simply user friendly. this website’s team members used to conduct” Technical Association” seminar every week. They teach the juniors how to give paper presentations, poster presentations, projects, do’s and dont’s.last year in 2007 October, they conducted an event called “FLARES-2”, a contest for 2/4, 3/4, 4/4 students in the paper presentation. The winners won trophies and certificates from the Director of the college himself.

It releases a magazine occasionally called “ENIGMAG”from the team of the Enigma Project. In the words of THE HINDU, a popular English newspaper “The Enigma Project, the brain child of a couple of young enthusiasts, is a one-stop window to answer many myriad questions harrying the brains of engineering students”. The magazine has foreword from the top team members and also by the culminating personalities of the college who stood strong to help the dedicated students. It is an exclusively student magazine by the students, to the students and for the students. The magazine has articles, book reviews, how-to-do-paper presentations all contributed by the young undergraduates. It features many useful articles which are an ode to the wanderer. It features project/product design principles, Thinglightenment discussing what actually is inside a device say computer mouse. Then you have “Techarena” with the caption today’s tech is tomorrow’s feature. It gives the latest technology developments. Then “indoplore” which explores the inner worlds of the industry. Featured in the magazine are well-known recruiting companies likeCTS, TCS, Satyam, Wipro, Infosys.then you have the inspiring stories of mini-inventions by humble people across the globe. Then the book reviews in technical and non-technical parts. The “”engage your brain” section and lateral thinking all which sharpens your mind and helps you in the aptitude.

Every Tuesday, Nidhi quiz club opens up the wide doors to welcome the young buddies aiming for the higher studies. The club’s motto is to give a helping hand to the students by providing useful tips and guidelines for the interviews. Several aptitude tests were conducted for the benefit of members, thus improving their scope of employability. They conduct mock tests in the lines of GRE, CAT and other MBA entrance examinations. They even list out the placement websites for the facilitation of freshers such as www.jobtrack.com and GRE sites such as www.ipem.com.

And what more..?They also conduct guest lectures inviting dignitaries from reputed institutions like TIME, CAREER LAUNCHER, IMS, KRUPA etc.

This club, with the culminated efforts of its members has released a magazine called “CAREER MATRIX-2K8”.this magazine is captioned “a small group of committed people can make a difference and change the world”. This magazine is to be noted because it is sponsored by outsiders which mean it has captured attention of the big fishes! the magazine features Vedic maths,puzzles,longest words, circular sudoku etc.it also has articles which tests your C-proficiency, JAVA skills etc.it also has articles on animations, tips for interview,CAT,GRE  interesting you and taking you along with it.

TEMPESTA TECHNICA 2008 was a primo national level technical symposium initiated by the Computer Science&Engineering Department of Sree Nidhi Institute of Science And Technology drawing the attention of great computer minds on 29th and 30th march, 2008 at SNIST.it welcomed every engineering student from nook and corner to expose their latent talents and treat the symposium as the apropos rostrum for driving out themselves like a “TEMPEST” in the fields of towering technology. It captioned

Small minds discuss people

Average minds discuss events

Great minds discuss ideas

The paper-presentation contest held during TEMPESTA TECHNICA-2008 provided a platform for every budding computer professional to present his/her ideas and work in front of experts in the field. It also conducted mock interviews, technical quiz, quick pick etc.

By this we come to know that, all these events, club sessions, workshops and come to that, the major fests inviting other colleges are all conducted by the students bringing out the magic in them. All this is done by maintaining regular attendance and good percentage. Because lacking in percentage and attendance can make life hell for you, in our college especially. And there’s no way you can get a proxy for your attendance

And also may be you have heard about the paper-evaluation system in JNTU affiliated colleges.so, in other words, you have to get the disease of “multiple-personality disorder” in order to prove yourself in various aspects. Everyone assumes life at engineering is full of fun and need not study…blahblah.but no. once you enter into it, you understand the vastness of the engineering universe. It’s an all-together different world which helps you to explore new things, expose your talent, nurture skills and what more! Have fun with friends. It is the only place where you can enjoy and be serious about your career at the same time.

See a vision which no one sees. You capability to grab the attention of every eye lies in your innovative thinking.”From sitting over an idea to reaching to a standing ovation for it” makes you different from others. Having an ambition makes you succeed. But then life after that is not going to be easy.yet, they are going to become the finest moments of your life. Share your idea with friends who stand strong by your side, discuss the pros and cons of it and start it. Be it, a new event, a new club or a new tech fest or a new web-site. Pour your skills into it, put your heart into it….you will succeed.

Life at engineering tells you the beauty of life. The four years are so full of memorable experiences for you, that it’s difficult to store them all in our little brain. Many students come and leave. If you want to leave your mark, then do something which cannot be easily erased. Because according to popular quotes “if you want to be remembered, then do things worth writing or write things worth reading”.

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