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What you readeth is not  what they asketh….what they asketh is what your neighbour readeth….what your neighbour readeth is what he writeth but not what u seeth…..what u seeth n writeth is not what they asketh

Familiar experiences, anyone? I’m sure it’s the same with you…!

Credit: dchen.wordpress.com

Credit: dchen.wordpress.com

Bad luck during examinations is something that seems to haunt students (like me) and I’m sure that all of you assume that you have the worst luck; nothing ever goes the way you plan. I’m also very sure that none of you can exactly pinpoint where your luck goes wrong. Well I can! Your bad luck is a result of Murphy’s Law; a law that affects us all. No matter how hard you try to escape, Murphy’s Law will find you and turn things from bad to worse.

Now roger this…Why is it that your brain stops working the moment you enter the examination hall? OKhay…we wont be going that far…lets start from your study holidays (seldom spent studying, of course!) You sit down to study and you notice your room is a toxic waste dump. Instead of doing your revision, you must clean your room so you are in a comfortable atmosphere to study. This follows Murphy’s Law because whenever you set out to do something, something else must be done first.

Once you finished deciding what to study after multiple brain lapses and you decide to act, you remember the notes you photocopied has been left in some inaccessible place. This is no big deal…you rush to your friends place (friend in need, huh?) and take the notes (phew!)and Ta Da!!Notes you understood perfectly in your friends place transform themselves into hieroglyphics at home….with even the simplest of ideas being expressed in incomprehensible terms. Besides the fact that you overcame all these hurdles to prepare and face the battle…you forget your hall ticket…or yeah…your calci (keeps happening with me!).You manage to rush in and your friends discuss something that’s totally alien to you, just remember…the harder you study, the farther behind you get!.

And just when you’re praying to God that you get the sweetest supervisor…..the demons hear you out and give you a Hitler who never leaves your side! You summon all the courage you have and manage to read the question paper…you realize that the previous year question paper was easier…it always is! You are dead sure that a question wouldn’t be on this year’s paper because it was on last years, and the opposite happens! Now you give the questions a second reading and you think the paper isn’t as bad as it seems…fine then! Go ahead.. But…Nothing is so good as it seems at the first sight…Every problem is harder than it looks and takes longer than you expected…because the problems you can work are never put on the exam. You’re smart enough and juggle with the expressions so that it can be made equal to any other. You finally obtain the answer and would want to verify it. You turn around to see that the person sitting near you is a know-it-all non cheating nerd (aaarrraaagggggghhh!!)

Hey!I almost forgot! Time passes as quickly as it can get and your classmates seem to take 100’s of additionals but your count seems to have gotten stuck on zero! and trrrrrrriiiiiiiiingggggggg (ghanti baji!)All the answers come charging like an angry bull, exactly when the bell strikes and the examiner (yup…he’s still beside you!) teasingly declares… “Pens down!”

The most obvious question that all of you are asking is how can we escape Murphy’s Law? There must be a way. Unfortunately, there is none. One of the little fine prints in Murphy’s Law is if you perceive that there are four possible ways in which a procedure can go wrong, and circumvent these, then a fifth way, unprepared and unforeseen, will promptly develop. Much to the disappointment of everyone, this is the way life works, get used to it.

The simple but difficult arts of paying attention, copying accurately, following an argument, detecting an ambiguity or a false inference, testing guesses by summoning up contrary instances, organizing one’s time and one’s thought for study — all these arts — cannot be taught in the air but only through the difficulties of a defined subject. They cannot be taught in one semester or one year, but must be acquired gradually in dozens of connections. Even when things seem the worst, think of this; smile today because tomorrow will worse!!!

Well after giving due credits to Murphy, here’s what I would write in the answer book…”all the answers written here are a pure work of fiction…any resemblance to the textbook is purely coincidental and unintentional” After all, Textbooks are written for those who already know the subject. What say?!!

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