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No. the title is not about students of Hyderabad committing suicide. It s about students, especially those in engineering colleges, and their torturous journeys to their colleges in the APSRTC buses. Living in Hyderabad has really taught me many things, and one of them is not to be surprised when you see students and people hanging onto each other on the footboard, while the driver zooms at the top speed singing along to popular Telugu songs blaring down from the radio. It is perfectly natural and totally cool.

Its not that every day I think about the students who hang in buses and their journey to their colleges that is in itself an epic if described in detail. It s just this one incident that I happened to witness involving the bus no. 203 that goes to our college that made me think about students and buses. I ll describe the incident in detail and in a narrative style so as to keep the emotions intact and in a way you would feel that the incident, just as it happened.

“It was a warm Thursday morning. I was waiting at the bus stop, not for the bus no. 203 which happens to be the only bus that goes to our college. And that which makes me believe that my college is in a godforsaken place. Well, honestly it is not that isolated but the apathy of the APSRTC officials makes it feel like so. About 3000 students and just 2 buses one at 9 am and the other at 9.30am.Neither was i waiting for those 7seaters which seat 12 people and after you have got in you feel that you must have set some of a limca record for maximum people in a vehicle. I was tired of doing that on a frequent basis. So, there I was waiting for my friend who makes me wait for at least 30 mins everyday, while waiting I see the 9.30 am bus 203 go past the bus stop. As usual it is full of students, villagers and huge bundles of some pungent smelling grass. I see my friends, wave at me and tell me to join them, to which I very politely raise my middle finger and tell them that ill reach before them. So, the bus leaves with people shaking their fists angrily at me. I tell them to use their hands better by holding on for dear lives. I wait for another five minutes when my friend Mr. Schumacher comes zooming and opens the door of his car for me too plunk in. I don’t say anything to him. It is useless. Besides, I had run out of swear words to praise him.

So we zoom off at max speed and talk stupid stuff till we are half way to college. Then suddenly.

MR.Schumy: Abey haule dekh bus girgayi.

ME: Kya re subah subah peeke aya kya?

MR Schumy: ARE @##@$@#$ Dekh girgayi.

(WE slow down and look carefully)

ME: abey @#$%@#$@# mere dostan hai usme gadi rok .

MR Schumy: Haun rok run. Kitne ki mare honge re shit.

ME: shubh shubh bol re @#$@#$%@@#@#@3

(we exit car as soon as it stops)

We ran top speed till the bus and saw that it had run off the road and was tilted at a 45 degree angle. Some students were dazed and some were falling down while trying to exit the bus as it was quite difficult to hold your balance while coming out. We, along with students of the bus immediately support the side of the bus so taht it doesnt tilt over and more people are not hurt .Finally when the last students and people come out we take a breath to asses how many people have been hurt. Thankfully no one died. But yea many were hurt and some really badly.

(After this things relaxed a bit)

ME: How did this happen yaar?

Victim1: Man it was unreal. I’m never travelling in a bus again.

Victim2: kya tho bhi yaron. Ek minute apan college ku jare. Doosre minute aisa hua.

MR.Schumy: Yeh tho kuch bhi nai hai. I have been involved in bigger accidents.

MANY PEOPLE: Shut up #$#$#%#$%#$%#$%#%#%#5

ME: Will some on tell me what happened?

Bystander: The bus u see it was travelling nicley only. Suddenly it ran off the road. Must be brakes failed.

Victim 5: #@$@#$@# $#@#$@# @#@#@#@ @#@#@#@#@#@

Victim 4: Are the bus just ran of the road look na re u dont need to be Einstein.

MR schumy: Wheres the driver?

Victim x: bhag gaya saala.Kal bus mein dekhletoon.

MR schumy: Rolls on the ground and laughs his head off.

(Commotion breaks out in some place)

ME : Kya hora re udhar.?

My freind1: Kisi potti ka pair gaya hospital lejare use.

ME: Tu bach gaya saale.Shit

My freind1: .Jaan de re. mein bus mein travel nai karron kal se. Tere saah hi wait kartun. I can be late to college but dont want LATE in my name. Abhi zindagii dekhna re mein.

ME: Har har

NANDgate: Can all u aholes shut the fuck up and take me to college?

MR Schumy: Tu Kya re bus mein tha

NANDgate: NAI auto mein utar ke dekha kya hua. Auto walah bhag gaya @#$@$@#@#@#

ME:SO how do you feel about this incident?

NANDgate: What the fuck are you a reporter? MAn i have a lab and i need the attendance if i dont reach in 5 mins ill be thrown out .

MR Schumy: Chichu mere saath chal 2 min mein pahuchatun.

NANDgate: Merku lab jana hai upar nai.

ME: HMMM chalo re coll chalo Chutti milti kya?

Somebody: Tu maringa tho bhi nai milti.Dream on.

That accident in which luckily no one died made me think how often does this happen to students and the answer is almost daily. We see students walking in death traps almost daily. Hanging on to footboards, climbing on top of buses because they have no other option. College buses are too costly and the regular ones do not exist or you miss them. That incident that day was just a small insignificant chapter in the larger epic what we have to face daily as students just to get to college. After that the classes are another torture and then coming back is again a different story all together.

One thing I would like to appreciate is the help received from the local people and the students going to college in autos who immediately got down to help their college mates and see if they could be of any use in any way. But for them, the situation could have worsened.

However, the issue of major concern is the unsafe standards of city buses, and the unforced overloading, that threatens hundreds of young lives. But for them, these incidents wouldn’t have occurred at all. And evidently in such a case, prevention is not just the best, but rather the only way to survive, when no cure is possible.

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