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I am always the one to believe that style is an individual statement. But one’s style as unique as it is should be used to convey the right attitude. When people see you, they must also stand up; take notice and say,” Wah kya Ishtyle hai!!” Such individuality in styles often leads to difficulty in deciding what the various components that make up your style are? Luckily these components can be grouped into various accessories to choose from.

Now guys have it easy in the styling department. Slip on a pair of jeans, put on a T-shirt and wear a pair of shoes and you are out. But then where are you conveying your attitude?? Well nothing show cases the attitude in guys like a pair of sunglasses or shades. But then again it could be a pair of sunglasses for every occasion :D . Shades don’t need an occasion or a location to be worn. They are just worn to look good. You could try the aviators or the classic Ray Bans like Ranbir Kapoor and Imran Khan to get that classy look. Or slide on a pair of rose tinted shades like Sunil Shetty to show you are suave yet comfortable with your masculinity. You can also try biker shades to accentuate your fast and killer looks like Hrithik Roshan did in Dhoom 2. Shades like people too have a personality. The whole idea is to convey the style that compliments your attitude. If you are like me and want other reasons to wear shades then, the other perks include protection for our eyes from the sun and more importantly to ogle at girls unnoticed.

Now comes the hard part. I find the lives and styles of girls as varying as the waves of the oceans. Each girl’s style is different from the next. But like how water is common to these waves similarly every girl seems to carry a handbag. And once again each bag is as unique as the girl who carries it. The kind of hand bag a girl carries can always say a lot about her. Hand bags can be made from leather for that classic and uptown girl or from jute for the girl who is more down to earth. They are used to carry a wide range of articles from books to phones to mementos to memorabilia. Probably a make up kit too for the girls who are vain at heart.

I don’t claim to be a fashion guru. But my style mantra is simple-To convey an attitude that is as unique as our DNA. Whatever you exhibit always tells a lot about who you really are. Clothes may not make a person but they do show what he/she really is.

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