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With heavy competition, at varied levels of education and career building, every student tries to show off the best of them. Competition; One word and a million dreams that depend on it. Be it about getting their dream jobs, or migrating successfully to their favorite universities abroad, resumes with shrieky attributes and solidity, always get careers of students accelerated.

In this while, it is but natural that aspirants tend to afford the risk of

Fake achievements- easy to recognise, difficult to avoid! Credit: Azazel Eyes

Fake achievements- easy to recognise, difficult to avoid! Credit: Azazel Eyes

providing fake or rather half-true certificates and recommendation letters. Puffing of resumes with false documents and letters is one easy way, to get past the hurdles of competition.

And even from the side of the reader of these admission letters, as we see it, it seems practically tough to recognize statements in resumes as fake or half-truthful. But in the case that doubt arises, what would be the consequence? Be it innocence of the various kinds of technological devices that are built up, for verification of recommendation letters, or be it abandon of the applicants to care about the adverse corollaries of this deed of theirs, the risk could be of a permanent rejection of the candidate to the University.

Usually students tend to manipulate facts. Small changes like ‘volunteer’ to ‘coordinator’ of a college event wouldn’t make a lot of difference to any other reader. And for getting himself a job, this could be a major plus. Twisted truths are the most risky labyrinths that one gets himself into, all out of ignorance of the effects. The intricacies involved in stealing counter facts into CVs, just so that they glow with a list of achievements are seldom known. Not just rejection of applications, it could pave way towards legal complexities. Scandals with resumes and certificates, when caught can land the student up in stinking shit.

A review on Business Today states that about 1% of resumes sent to leading B-schools are caught as fakes, though it is expected a larger number of them still go unseen. Plagiarizing entrance essays, submitting fake documents, buying live GMAT scores are direct offences which are highly jeopardous. But stretching truths, which is a more common system of counterfeit, might be considered an equal offence too.

Inventing extra-curricular activities, forging signatures, producing fake certificates, writing recommendation letters for oneself are all considered offences.

These offences have been caught in various universities. B-schools and Technical study universities have a series of lie-detecting techniques including cross-checking of reco-letters at random, verification of signatures and experience certificates. Direct telephonic interviews with officers, whose signatures are provided sometimes, prove heavy for fraud applicants.

Also, institutes and companies that hold personal interviews with candidates have professional lie-detectors and psychology experts to verify details provided by the candidates. A few casual questions about a project would be sufficient to determine the candidate’s genuineness. He might not necessarily give the right answers; all that is checked is whether the student was a part of the project really, or has put up something he has absolutely no idea about, only because it would sound cool!

Also, in a few cases where fake resumes were caught and rejected, professors said that a few of those applications could have actually been accepted, but for the exaggerations!

So, what is important while composing a CV is that, we focus on all our achievements and present truth honestly without adding false flashes to it. It is necessary that we have an appreciable set of achievements, but being void of them, is always more respectable than creating them for the heck.

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