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Where’s your fire?

By St. Anik On September - 7 - 2008 ADD COMMENTS

Every great idea is the child of a burning desire, a spark of inspiration and when we encounter obstacles, our restless mind gives birth to a fresh new spark…an idea! These little sparks create an immortal flame of passion within us… an intense emotion… a burning desire for a cause or an activity. Take ‘Improving India’ for example, It is supposed to be a matter very dear to our heart. So, if that is one of your passions… what are you doing about it? And NO!… I don’t mean joining communities/groups on orkut/facebook or watching “Rang de basanti”. What I mean is ACTION and not throwing the blame on a six-lettered word – S.Y.S.T.E.M (which includes me). We all wish india becomes a super-power etc. etc… We make use of it in all  essay competitions, speeches, but are we doing anything about it? Are we doing anything about the root cause of all the problems we are facing today… ‘Illiteracy’?

Here’s a story of Three students-people of action and not words, who took up the challenging job of educating rural youth.

In December 2006, G.Anurag, a student of Mechanical Engg., G.Srinivas and Sneha Redla, students of Civil Engg.of  OUCE came up with this idea. When Srinivas, told them about the plight of his village, Arkapalli-(a remote village in Mahboobnagar dist.), a village which does not have a junior college, has a small ZP High school with irregular staff and of course, students thirsty for knowledge but helpless due to their economic conditions. Students, who were not aware of the endless possibilities the world had to offer because nobody made it big. The best-educated was probably a person who completed his Intermediate and ended up as an Auto-driver or an Insurance agent. They simply attended school because they had to (that’s what the Radio and T.V said). As time passed, parents began to think that their child would add to their income if he/she stopped going to school and lent them a helping hand in the fields. That was when the number of drop-outs started exceeding the number of students getting admitted. They heard about jobs in the IT sector and engineers but did not know how to go about it until a teacher at the school helped Srinivas write the entrance exam to the AP residential school and later join the APRJC. Srinivas finally cracked the EAMCET and got into OUCE and that’s when SPRUHA was born!

In the Sankranthi holidays in 2007, SPRUHA (whose number grew to 10 students of OUCE) visited Arkapalli and decided to adopt the ZPHS. They stayed back for a week during which they conducted classes in English and basic Grammar, demonstrated and helped perform experiments in Physics and Chemistry (with kits borrowed form the Dept. of Physics and Chemistry of the college) and helped the students facing their Board exams that year by providing them with material and Previous Question papers. In the following month,a free health camp was conducted in association with the Red Cross and the Lions Club. Medicines were distributed to students suffering from ailments and about 10 cataract eye operations were performed. Slowly,funds started pouring in and SPRUHA distributed books, dictionaries, story books, comics, educational magazines among the students, contributed a few books to the school library and also sponsored Jangaiah, Yamuna for their Intermediate education, Janardhana Chary and Yadaiah for their B.E. degree. The number of students willing to lend a helping hand increased along with the ideas to obtain funds.In August, a food fest was organised and “Lage Raho Munnabhai” was screened in the college auditorium.

September came and Eco-Friendly Ganesh idols were sold in a stall set-up in the OU campus. What made the idols special apart from being eco-friendly and the fact that the money paid towards them was funding education was that they were being home-delivered on request! During the tech-fests of the various depts. in OUCE, T-shirts and SPRUHA note-books were sold. Gradually,SPRUHA spread its branches in other colleges like CBIT, Vasavi College of Engineering, BIET, MVSREC.

This Ganesh-Chaturthi, the stall selling Ganesh idols was set-up again and this time the sales increased notably. Says Sneha Redla, one of the founders “We have always been having a lot of help from our friends from other colleges. Even medicos come forward for this noble cause. My friend Deepthi, from Deccan always manages to sell the maximum number of idols through her contacts”. Celebrating their second anniversary this year, SPRUHA seeks to adopt slum areas in Hyderabad thus helping bring the change we all wish to see in our country. Such instances surely would go a long way in igniting the passions and thrust to come up in life and do something good for the community, the State and the country.

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