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Internships @ AIESEC

By Whyso Sirius On September - 23 - 2008 ADD COMMENTS

Vacations come and go… and so do our plans to make them fruitful and worth their while! But yet another long holiday passes without anything substantial, happening. Most of us, most of the time, seem to have no clarity as to what we should be doing or even what we could possibly do in our leisure. Of course, the list of can-dos and want-to-dos is never-ending and continues to mount on. But then again, the list of restrictions imposed on us by the world alike (especially parents), questioning the usefulness of our endeavours, is way longer than the list itself! So, now, by the end of it, we reach the eternal question…..”What the freak am I expected to do then?!?” Now that’s exactly where internships and organizations which provide them, such as AIESEC, step in.

Association Internationale des Etudiants en Sciences, Economiques et Commerciales, more commonly known by its abbreviated form, AIESEC, is a not-for-profit, non-political, voluntary organization, that primarily deals with helping the youth to discover and develop their potential, so as to have a positive impact on the society. Since being founded in 1948, by a group of few students hailing from 7 countries, the organization has come a long way to becoming the largest student organization in the world to facilitate international training and global internships in various areas, right from IT and management to developmental internships that are aimed at working closely with social issues and to promote the exchange of cultures. Its membership is spread across over 108 countries and 1100 universities including universities like Oxford and Yale among others. In India alone, there are active branches in 12 different cities.

AIESEC provides 2 kinds of internships; global (anywhere in the world) and regional (continent-wise), in the fields of development, education, technical and management. The technical internships usually involve designing websites and undertaking research projects. Development internships are generally concerned with working towards social issues like poverty, HIV-AIDS, corporate social responsibility, illiteracy, trafficking, etc., and also have other streams like creative writing and the likes. Basically, depending upon our requirement, there is a suitable type of internship for every person who chooses to do one. Another feather in the cap for AIESEC is that it is partnered with nearly most of the top corporate houses of the world… Nokia, Siemens, Microsoft, Alcatel-Lucent, PwC, UBS, ABN-AMRO, Cadbury, DHL, Oracle, TATA…well…the list is endless!!

Every internship trains the interns in things like formulating work plans, handling accounts, team work, etc., which are some of the prerequisite skills for a stable job in any organization. And the best part of it is…one even gets paid for these internships! One can also choose the duration of the internship. On completion of the internship, a work experience certificate is awarded to every intern. Now I bet that will look really good on your resume! As a value-addition, AIESEC provides accommodation during the period of the internship, and the payment made by the concerned organization, is quite comfortable to cover food expenses and any other expenses that may arise. AIESEC takes the responsibility of finding you the internship best suited for you, according to your specifications and takes care of the entire process, including visa and other formalities.

Apart from being the most economical way of gaining international work experience and a knowledge-enriched learning experience in itself, an intern can also expect to have loads of fun interacting with like-minded people of the same age group. After all it is not just for academic interest that AIESEC holds the reputation of hosting some of the best parties in town! With opportunities like these in the offing, vacations will never again be a time for boredom and endless hours of not knowing what to do!

It is quite obvious that we are living in a world of cut-throat competition, where one has to necessarily be a notch above the rest, to make a mark. AIESEC provides an opportunity for youngsters to pep up their resumes by getting trained in the most conducive top-of-the-line work environment. With part-time jobs becoming the latest trend with young people to get a work experience along with some pocket money, an internship is probably one of the best alternatives to consider. At the end of the day it all boils down to the simple mantra “survival-of-the-fittest” and as the phrase says, which is quite self-explanatory in itself, the secret to success is being the best!

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