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Rock Tee

By Natty Nawab On October - 1 - 2008 ADD COMMENTS

Music & Fashion, these two are the basic requirements of any social youngster these days.  Generally you could be very hard pressed to find somebody who is not interested in either of these things in their youth itself. My personal view of fashion is that it should reflect you, your personality and your choices. Myself being a music enthusiast, certainly feel that if the clothes I wear could reflect my music and the tastes I have, then nothing better than that and this is where step the Rock tees.

I think this is one of the most innovative for us youngsters who are a bit different from the general crowd and who want to show that. We cant dress in formals, they are too uncle ji types, normal t-shirts don’t say anything about me that’s why I need to have a rock tee which can say something about me and my choices.

Rock not being such a mainstream thing, makes it a bit difficult to find a variety in rock t-shirts. You can find t-shirts of some famous “mass” bands in famous stores but what if you are a Dimmu Borgir fan who can’t live without the daily dose of Black Metal? Or a Sex Pistol addict, whose name itself is quite enough to get the tee thrown out of any “meant for family” store? Or if you are looking for a tee of Pantera which depicts only violence.This is where the small shops come in handy, which have made their name just coz of their rock tee business. These days you can find some shops which advertise rock tees but 2 years back when we were newbies in the world of rock music. It was quite difficult to even spot a rock tee and that’s when a shop named “Show Off” (in Secunderabad) advised by our seniors came to our rescue and for the two years this shop used to supply us with our rock Attitude.

I have seen rock tees in many colours but easily the most prominent one is BLACK.  My suggestion to anybody going for a Rock Tee is to buy a black one coz it just doesnt feel rock until its black, it just looks like a normal t-shirt. Another benefit (specially for guys) which comes with the Black colour is that you can keep wearing it until it starts shredding into pieces and it wont look dirty. :)

Generally you can find such tees in the range of 250-400, depending on the shop, material and your bagaining skills. I personally have three Rock t-shirts, one each of Rolling Stones,Kurt Cobain and one saying “I shot The Sheriff” (Bob Marley) though have been looking like crazy for a Beatles one :( Hope to find a good Beatles one some day.. :)

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