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The brand marks the price, and the stuff works it’s way in the market. There are many places, which survive on this sole motto namely café coffee day, PVR cinemas, PRASADS (small screen). This becomes a status motto to every youngster to go to quality places rather than buying quality stuff, and create a hike about THE place.

Well well well!!!!! Contradicting this there are also few smarties who select the perfect place to hang out. For example, all the hunks of colleges nearby chilkur have a common hot to have a very low budget n handsome meet at Himayat Sagar. This is guyz space and girls are completely forbidden, cause all the guy things happen there. ;) . Especially when the rain god visits our city this is a complete insomniac.

On nineteenth of September Vikas and co (J.B.I.E.T) planned a trip to Himayat Sagar in the joy of going home the next day. They reached the place in their own vehicles and started their usual chatter. This is the same day the rain god planned to visit the city, there by the weather was fabulous, the sky was cloudy and the cool weather depicted rain and this lured the boys to take a swim in the lake, and so did they go lashing into the water. Few were swatting in the water, few were swimming and the others were racing, this is sounding like a perfect picnic isn’t it? These boys got qiet exited, and so very involved in having fun that their common sense did not pop in. they went deeper n deeper to the middle of the lake and were having fun swimming in front hand, and now Vikas wanted to try back hand, he was no specialist in it but could float in it, the water level was full and it started raining, though the weather looked awsum it was notorious enough to trigger a twister, which was small but strong enough to suck the light weighted body of Vikas beneath the water. Maybe he could have escaped if he were swimming fore hand but the evil twister had to fulfill its hunger, and hense took him down with it. One of his friends who tried to rescue him also got caught in the twister, who in turn was tried to be rescued by on of his friends who cought hold of him and all of them xcept Vikas were rescued by a local man. All could escape the death except for Vikas.

This sent shock waves through out the group. The were still expecting a miracle, they were searching for Vikas and half of them expected him to walk out of the water, which did not happen, Vikas was no more. There were native swimmers who offered to search for the body, whose efforts went in vein. The body was not found until the next day afternoon and was identified.

Vikas stayed in his friend Lalits house for the last two months, and was treated like their own son by Lalits parents. Lalits mother was equally grief striken as Vikass mother, who came to Hyderabad after she heard this horrifying news. Vikas also has a handicapped sibling, they are not sound, financially and their only hope was Vikas. Vikas was a good, understanding and responsible son and a caring brodher and also proved a good student. He average is about eighty percent in the study of information technology.

The only thing that pricks me here is that, didn’t it strike the herd of engineers that it is dangerous to swim in a water body of unknown depth  when the water body is full plus the weather is cloudy? Ganesh idols also get nimarjaned in the same water body in which they were swimming. The plaster of paris that settled on the ground beneath the water acts like quick sand. I would call it fate rather than anything else, because Vikas (is a non-local) wanted to go to his home town that very day but had to stay back in order to attend the online examinations, unless which he would have been alive. Or if he had been swimming in forehand he would have had the strength to over come the pull of the twister. If either of these had happened, he would have been alive today. Let us pray for him.

Let his soul rest in peace.


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