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The E- Cell of MJCET in collaboration with E-Cell of IIT Kgp, plunges into action, for facilitating the lead initiative for, and making work an interaction palaver, for aspiring entrepreneurs. Officiated in the conference hall at MJCET, (Muffakam Jah College of Engineering and Technology), Banjara Hills, last weekend, it comprised the presence of eminent personalities from a wide horizon of expertise and experience. It was primarily sponsered by I-Karma, a budding N.G.O., a grey matter-product of Karthik Thumu Reddy, a student of IIT-Kharagpur.

The History of Entrepreneurship- Cell in MJCET is a mere 2 years, but the flamboyance and zeal the idea has framed around students surpasses the regular. To ice the cake, an affiliation with the NEN, National Entrepreneurs’ Network, proves an exemplary and healthy start-up for a budding youth organization, to triumph in the long-run. Above everything, things run smoother when students work hands-in-hands with corporate professionals, as witnessed in this particular case. The E-Cell, MJCET has been instrumental in the cataloguing of numerous workshops and ideation sessions for students in the city, to brighten scope for young entrepreneurs to appreciate themselves and the like, among the crowd, and hustle for further enterprising motion.

“We are undoubtedly young; but we sure are resourceful of fresh ideas. That is what will take us to the apex. We pride in the trophy we won last year, at the E-Week, a competition at national level, in which we stood second. It was an achievement that overlooked the youngness of our group. We surely are going far…” says Vikranth Vasireddy, a 4/4 student in MJCET, and the PR and Media Manager of its E-Cell, who intends to bag the ‘Champions E-Week 2009′, award for his college this year.

Abhishek Ponia, the operations manager and an active member of E-Cell MJCET related about the nature of work in the E-Cell. It was learned from him that, the members of the activity body for events are selected through a rigorous procedure incorporating application, filtration, interviewing etc., to ensure that enthusiastic and competent students get the opportunity. He also elaborated about the E-WEEK; which has several workshops, discussions and fun events relating to business management and entrepreneurship.

Sabaita Mohsin, the Event Manager E-Cell, very humbly credits the fruits of their work to their mentors and unequalled support, Mr. Ferhathullah Hussainy, the Vice- Principal MJCET, Mr. Ifteqar Ahmed, Professor ECE Department and Mr. S.V. Shashank, the chief co-coordinator E-CELL 2007-08, but for whose help E-Cell wouldn’t have leapt across the few barriers that it was faced with as competently, and been enjoying the team-spirit it now does. “Also, our work in coalition with other colleges in the city does mark us a line above the rest…” she says.

At the seminar, were present Dr. Jayshree Dubbey, Professor Osmania University, Mr. Ashok Reddy, deputy Commissioner of Police, Cyberabad, and Mr. P. Vikram, Director, NEN. In the sessions that followed a quick inaugural speech by Mr. Vikranth the audience got to learn of various aspects of the world of Entrepreneurship, business, markets et al.
Dr. Dubbey, spoke about techniques to be employed by beginners to ensure success, in business. It has been attempted to sum up her indications and suggestions into the following few paragraphs.

“Young professionals… usually end up, spending too much time on ideation. That is a flaw which is common and is more than often overlooked. It needs to be rectified. Also, the product is to be an object of fancy for the market and the customers; rather than one for the producer. It is most significant that good ideas be reserved for good markets, than going a waste onto bad markets…”

“Partnerships… abort abruptly, mainly due to divergence of prime goals of individuals and a build-up of confusion in role-play. It is of high importance that perfectly professional dealing is ensured even among business partners, who emerge as thus, from friends…”

“Finances… are the most prone portions of planning to negligence; it is of highest priority that they are well-created, managed and re-invested, to lead to a successful enterprise…”

“Market intelligence… has to be utilized to its best optimum. It is necessary for any businessman to be and stay informed about new trends, and the possible competitors. Giving up short-term profits, for long-term benefits always pays better than anticipated…”

Abutting this speech was a presentation by Mr. Ashok Reddy, the deputy Commissioner of Police, Cyberabad. He elaborated on the statistics of traffic in Hyderabad. He also clarified various points regarding traffic rules in general, and answered more particular queries, from the very energetic audience.

Then was a short scroll of information about NEN and the wonderful platform it provides for budding entrepreneurs. It also spoke of the poll on NENonline, for voting the best creative start-up project, and how the winners would benefit from investors and angel investors in the run.

A young self-made entrepreneur, Mr. Karthik, a student of IIT-Kgp, spoke about his brain-child project called I-Karma, an online listing of N.G.O.s in and around the city of Hyderabad. Also, I-Karma was a chief sponsor for this event.

Overall, the E-Cell did a good job in holding the event. Though the turn-over was smaller than expected, the organizers say, they ensured that the few, who benefited from this information, would comfortably think out of the box!

After all, they make products… and they make the difference…
They are the Entrepreneurs…

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