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From the MVSREC Campus!

By Azazel Eyes On December - 14 - 2008 ADD COMMENTS

College days are the best days of one’s life. They only become more important parts of life with memories of a cheerful environment, friendly lecturers, like-minded peers, fun-events and a pathetic-yet-popular canteen. That is the very nature of memories, students carry along into their career and personal lives, when they pass the best phase of their lives, as a part of MVSR Engineering College.

Being one of the premier engineering colleges in the city of Hyderabad, Maturi Venkata Subba Rao Engineering College, (MVSREC) Nadergul, proudly acclaims of being one of the only six engineering colleges in the city, affiliated to the reputed Osmania University.
The college has celebrated 25 years of excellence in the nobility of providing flawless professional education, last year. They provide courses in all the main stream engineering courses including electronics, mechanical engineering, civil engineering, computer science engineering and information technology. They also flaunt NBA accreditation for most of the above said courses. The college plumes itself on the high percentage of campus placements it gets every year.

The college is located far away from the city disorder, and is spread over a vast area of about 28,000 sq.m housing 45 classrooms, 50 laboratories, 6 drawing halls, 5 conference/ audio visual halls and offices. It has separate buildings for laboratories and classrooms for each department. The teaching staff is 145 in number of members, of who most are post graduates and many possess a Ph.D. They also have 160 skilled supporting staff. They have a well-furnished library and reference section, with over 37,000 volumes of books. A new building has also been constructed for the purpose of making a larger library that would be functional within the next couple of months. Internet facility is provided for students for reference.
In spite of so many good facilities around the campus, it is the canteen that remains the top favorite place of the college for most students, for obvious reasons. The canteen, though does not serve the best food on earth, is loved by students and staff alike, because of all the memories that they build up there. The canteen remains the place where every student always records the very necessary ‘above 80% attendance’! ;-)

The Physical Education department provides a spacious sports room, and eminent trainers. They have infrastructural facility for table-tennis, chess, carom-board, basket-ball, volley-ball, badminton and football. The college also announces yearly scholarships for students excelling in various sports, in order to encourage more number of students to take part in extra-curricular activities. It is not very surprising that the college flaunts state, national and international level players and achievers in many sports.

The major student body in MVSR comprises of MVSR Campus Connect, an initiative by students, to bring about social, cultural and political awareness among youth. It takes up many issues under various clubs in the college. These student clubs include The Eco Club, The Literary and Creative Club, The Technical Team and The Social Awareness club. As groups under the MCC, they work collectively within their groups as well as in sync with the other groups, thus bringing quick results from their planned inputs. The website also provides students with information related to various necessary topics like GRE/ TOEFL education, Voting rights/ registration, NEWS from the campus et al. The MCC would be responsible for the organization various events that are held in the college, during the year. MCC also hosts the ‘Walk- The- Talk’ show, which features interviews of reputed members from the staff and management of MVSR. On this show, students clarify doubts regarding the college, career planning, further education, challenges to face etc. Besides all this, MCC also came up with an SMS alert service for students and staff members of the college, delivering quick and reliable information through SMS’ on registered phone numbers. Truly Connected.

The college hosts two major National events every year. First one being, the multi-department technical festival – Samavarthan, the second one is the Annual Cultural Festival- Sangamam. These events are flawlessly well managed and implemented, from collection of sponsorships to facilitation on celebrity shows. They have always been grand successes measured in terms of the number of students that attended the events, which only increased year-by-year. In addition to these, students also celebrate the Founder’s Day and the Desi Day, on a grand scale.

When asked about what she likes about the college, a final year student says, “We simply love walking around in the campus. It is peaceful and so much unlike my room. I really enjoy the change.” While a 2nd year student from the Mechanical department says, “I am dying to get to the third year, so I can work with the lathe and the drilling machines. I am bored with the second year labs, though.” No comments. ;-)

We also tried asking students, what they dislike about the college. Among a few others problems, what most students agreed on were unhygienic environment in the canteen, and not-so-good Internet availability. But, students have themselves come up with a solution for one of the two major problems. They said, “The Eco-club is looking into the issue of improving hygiene in the canteen. We are planning for getting insecticides to keep flies away. We will also find out a way to get better net- connectivity on the campus.”

That sure is good spirit. It is definitely going to work out wonders in making the college the number one of its sort, in the very near future. The following are a few interesting websites related to MVSREC. They are worth giving a click.


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