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Indeed! The brainchild of a visionary educationist, a man with a dream to educate thousands, the man who realised the importance of education in an individual’s life…..Mr. Ch. Malla Reddy, Chairman, Malla Reddy Group of Institutions (MRGI), has realised his vision through Malla Reddy Engineering College (MREC), the first of his established expanse of educational cosmos!!
In his own words,”I had a vision of excellence, a vision of triumph – a vision of destination for many. A vision to educate and enlighten millions, to ignite their latent thoughts, and propel them to explore and learn. A visionary milieu which would cherish all my ideals, be a fountain of knowledge, to serve and enhance the very meaning of existence. I realized, the place, serving to be the epitome of knowledge, temple of learning to nurture personalities, to redefine knowledge frontiers in serving the students fraternity in their professional pursuits or varied interests.”
As the saying goes,‘Geniuses are not born, but are made’, so does the tagline of MREC hold a meaning synonymous with the above.
If it is confident, gutsy, ‘oh yes,of course, I can!’ kind of a collegian you are lookin for …then MREC is sure the pitstop for it!! Would jus carve the ultimate ‘YOU’ out of ‘you’!!!!!
Well, why don’t we jus start off with a general description of what the campus offers to the eyes at the first glance?! If it is a really huge playground, splashed with green around here ‘n’ there, and tall buildings that you’re lookin for……man, then you got yourself to the right place! A writer’s pleasure it is to describe this scenic paradise of erudition! To begin with, there are the patches of jade here ‘n’ there which serve their rightful purpose…..of student hangouts (though parents have also been often spotted!!).
And classrooms & labs, ah, there are plenty of ‘em!! And very much with the best State-of-the-art technology, and avon qualitative & quantitative infrastructure that would never give a chance of complaint. No doubt parents queue-up for their wards way before the course begins (or should i say, even before the entrance examination results are out!).
Coming to the most essential requisite of a college campus, as from the view of a collegian…yeah, you got it…the canteen!! MREC houses two of ‘em, known at large for that aromatic biryaniI (kinda!) one ought to taste (don’t go in with high hopes, but it sure is irresistible).
A note to all those here who thought home is far away…please put your fears away ‘coz MRGI probably has the largest network of transport for its students residing anywhere in the city upto Maisammaguda, and if you don’t belong to the city then you should be belonging to the college hostel!!
If I’ve had enough pleasure of describing the virtual extravaganza of the campus, let me make a note her that the college is affiliated to one of the earliest and renowned universities, the Jawaharlal Nehru Technological University (JNTU). And now,allow me to move on, with pride, to give you an insight into the events conducted by the institution. And here as well, you are promised a wide range of variety from academics & sports to fun!!
AKSHARA‘ – the national level technical paper presentation contest conducted as a part of the curriculum of the ISTE student chapter is like a 2-day fest at the institution which is a time for coming together, guest lectures, loads of knowledge and of course, scoops of fun too!!
Also there has been ‘TRANSCEND‘ in the recent times, an inter-college paper presentation contest organised by the Student Committee of the college (Oh! Did I forget to mention this lot of steamingly enthusiastic collegians who have aided always in adding milestones to the glorious path of the institution)
Now & then the various departments do hold guest lectures apart from the regular academic events mentioned above.
Comin to the sports section, its like…’you name it, you get it’ in MREC. Basketball–check, volleyball–check, cricket–check, carroms–check, table tennis–check, chess–well..umm..check-mate! The institution actually boasts of havin produced some of the best inter-university players in few of the aforementioned sports!
Now, the most awaited, the cultural events which include the quite hyped & most talked of ‘Ethnic Day’, again a brainchild of the Student Committee, usually conducted every year on the 1st of October. And there is this fresher’s day every year to welcome in the new kiddos!! And now, the biggest event of all….a day that every collegian from MREC looks forward to in the 200 or so working days of the institution….’ResonanZZ‘…the college day!!! Celebrated for 5 years now eversince the college was established in the year 2002, it has been an evening of cherishing memories, exciting jubiliation, fun…and jus tons of fun!!
‘United we stand, divided we fall’, the admin and staff at MREC provide a living paradigm for this expression. And as the strength of every elegant edifice lies in its foundation, so it is in the case of MREC too where the pillars of foundation include Mr. Ch. Mahender Reddy, Secretary, MRGI; Mr. G. Ram Reddy, Chief Administration Officer, MRGI; Prof. R. Madan Mohan, Academic Head, MRGI; as well as Dr. M.R.K. Murthy, Principal, MREC.
The pioneering spirit of Mr. Ch. Malla Reddy has indeed brought MREC to where it stands today.
And when they say,”If you have the wings to dream…we scholar the potential to achieve”, they mean it!!

Three cheers to the sui generic institution!!

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