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“What goes behind the shows is what we witnessed at the Mana Tv studios,near Durgamcheruvu, Jubilee Hills”, say the students of Sreenidhi Institute of  Science and Technology from  the Electronics and Communications Department. Industrial visits often bring synchronizaton between the kind of education we pursue and the practical implementation of learned concepts.
Mana Tv studios is a major communication infrastructure initiative of the department of  Information Technology by ‘Society for Andra Pradesh Network (SAPNET).The initiative was successfully implemented and speakes volumes about the dedication and expertise of A.P in communication field.

Mana TV studios, near Durgam Cheruvu, Jubilee Hills Credit: Death Eater

Mana TV studios, near Durgam Cheruvu, Jubilee Hills Credit: Death Eater

Probably  not many are aware of this project as it is not a conventional private television channel, but is a studio where educational programs like lectures in the fields of agriculture, medicine and also many development oriented programs are undertaken.
It is a 220sqm studio equipped with 3 digital cameras, nonlinear and linear edit suit with graphic facilities for post production,an earth station that is capable of  transmitting 5 digitally compressed  video channels and one data channel ,which are transmitted through a 7.2m antenna to a ku-band transponder that uses INSAT 3B satellite.
The purpose of  Mana Tv studios or call it a motive behind Mana Tv is to provide distance learning. You can get access to lecturers from eminent educationalists like Mr.Chukka Ramayya on any technical topic. All u need is that, ur institution should have a receiver and should get itself registered with Mana Tv. And you can then listen to any eminent personality or watch any chemical experiment.
There are actually 4 channels that are transmitted on ku-band, each dedicated to a particular field and has a set objective.They are Distance learning, Agricultural extension, Rural development, Telemedicine and e-governance.The studios serve several institutions, schools,colleges( Engineering, medical and police training colleges) with multifold uses.
Channel1 is dedicated to telecast pre-recorded educational programs of Dr.B.R.Ambedkar O.U., Technical education, Engineering education, Education updates, Intermediate and many more.
Channel2 provides live interactive lectures, which allow students to view the studio based lecturers and to call back  with queries during teaching session.The programmes include OU Medical education,tribal welfare, technical education, school education, Intermediate and Agriculture.
Channel3 is striving in providing distance learning, adult education and channel4 is alloted to telecast areas of shool education, primary and secondary educational programnmes. Inaddition to these it also does many social and rural development,interactive programs, and JKC programmes. The studio has four basic units which controls various functions.
They are Studio room, Production Control Room, Server and Earth station.
In the Studio Room, the actual programme, may it be live or recorded programme  is  shot. The studio is equipped with 3- digital cams and two televisions in which we see the program that is captured by the 3 cams and the room is equipped with all the necessary lights located at different angles to cover the programme.

Studio Room Credit: Death Eater

Studio Room Credit: Death Eater

Coming to the Production Control Room, which does the editing and controlling rest of the things.The production room is equipped with CGmonitor, Vision mixer,CCU-camera ,control unit  that controls the lighting  and also has an Audio Mixer.All these together are used for editing and finalising the things that are to be finally transmitted to the satellite which are again received to the studio to ensure the transmission and final displays.
Here is Server room that actually controls the information sent and received in the channels.In one corner of the rooms are the pre-recorded cassettes that are scheduled for telecasting.In the process the objective is to be met.
Earth station is final and most important room that is located in the ground floor and takes care of all the transmission part.The shooted programme in the studio  will be edited , adjusted in the production control room, followed by Server Room for selection of channel and  then the signal that is to be transmitted is to be encoded, multiplexedand and is modulated with quadrature phase shift modulated and is later shifted  from 70MHZ TO 14GHZ for uplink which is transmitted to the satellite through the parabolic reflector antenna  that is present in the open space outside the studio and downlink is received and is verified for ensuring  the transmission.
” We actually got to see many things which we dont come across in our formal education. All we learn about is modulation, transmission and the like but here we actually saw many more stages which are a part of systems like studio room and Production Control Room “, says Sandhya, a student from Electronics department.
” I come from a diploma background and i have seen many educational programmes telecasted by mana tv when i was studying diploma..but I’m really excited to see the studio because I  have really benefitted from it’s service”, says Sumalatha. Though the project looks simple, it does lot of work in achieving it’ s objective “Distance Learning”….The initiave must not end here …it must bring a revolution in learning.

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