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MVSR Campus Connect

By Major Payne On December - 17 - 2008 ADD COMMENTS

Change is constant.This is an inherent truth,but living in India and studying in an engineering college has taught most of us at least one thing over the years and that is  that change is impossible.We all belong to a generation of people with the “Chalta Hai ” attitude  that has been hardwired into our cerebral hemispheres.We follow what  other people do.Yet there is an elite group that dares do something different and follow an offbeat path, not knowing where their journey will take them. There is such a group of  young upcoming engineers in Mvsr engineering college that have set up upon this “other” path and have made pretty good sense of it .

An intrepid group of students from MVSR  led by Advait Singh Thakur  have started a service Called”Mvsr Campus Connect” with the sole aim of uniting the differnet branches of the college and also passing  on the information regarding  the college in the fastest possible way .This service has caught up like a raging fire in a dry jungle in the college and is the current hot topic of discussion in the college and all engineering college circles of hyderabad.Even the faculty and the management of the college has been really impressed with this service.That is a real ggod sign considering the fact that they were not that supportive of this idea initially but now its a differnet story altogether.
“Campus connect is a great service i feel like its the best thing that has happened to our college since  i have joined it ” says Dhanamjai a third year student of the college.

“Wow cool man ,wish i had the same service in my college too this sounds too cool ” says Utkarsh Gupta a student from an engineering college in hyderabad.

These are just some of the thoughts of the people who are experiencing the power of campus connect and people who are hearing about it at other places.the MCC family at present has about 2300 active members which is a fantastic  response considering the fact that the service had been started just 4 months back.

So you must be wondering what exactly is this MVSR campus connect that i have been talking about for so long.Vidyouth got around talking to the guy behind this entire concept that is Advait and here are a few excerpts from the interview.

VY:  Advait.! Can u please tell us what exactly is MCC?

Advait: Mvsr campus connect(MCC) is a service for the students of the college that is run by the students of the college.We are a non profit and an unofficial project whose sole purpose is to unite the college as one and make the campus life better for the common good of all the MVSRians

VY: What sort of services do you offer?

Advait: The most basic and initial service that we offer is the SMS alert service that is a rage in the college .We send out alerts for anything under the sun regarding the college and events taking place which are in the interest of the students of the college.So once you subscribe to the service by paying a one time fee 25 rs .You will get alerts about your exam schedule ,any postponements in the exam or even regarding any traffic jams that are found en route as soon as we get the information and after we verify it we send the message to our 2300 members hoping that it helped them.Recently a faculty member was in need of blood of a rare group we sent out the message saying blood was required and we had about 50 donors within an hour.even i hadn’t realized that this service would be such a useful one.

VY: So you think this Service has brought the entire college together as one?

Advait : That was the basic of idea starting this service.The members of the core team and I are from different branches of the college. The MCC team at present working  for the project is a mix of students from all branches and all years .Its not a CSe or Ece initiative Its an Mvsr initiative.

VY: Are there any other services that MCC offers?

Advait: Initially it was meant to be just a SMs service but then people put in their ideas and now we have a complete college  website inclusive of a college editorial board,a college blog,an Email service where every member is given a camusconnect.org eamil id that is their official email id.We have students doing interviews of the staff  and  management we have already asked the principal questions posed by the students .the segment is called “Walk the Talk” and we have lined up other faculty members and some heads of corporate companies as guests on the show.” The entire video can be seen at the campus connect website.We also have started Literary and cultural clubs ,An eco club and many clubs that are in the process of being setup.
We also have an MCC office coming up soon in the college.I would like to thank the management for that.

VY:Wow thats nice! I would like to ask where or how do you see your baby or brainchild the MCC 2 years from now?

Avait: (Laughs) I haven’t thought much about that yet but i do see it as a professional body in the college that takes the college to new levels .We have no dearth of talent here in the college.I want MCC to unite the entire college as one and show everyone that we are united and  truly connected.

VY:Vidyouth wishes you and your team all the best.Thanks for talking to us.

Advait: Your welcome.
MCC and all its features can be seen at the website :http://hangout.mvsrcampusconnect.org/home

Advait can be contacted at :(advait@mvsrcampusconnect.org)

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