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By Zooid Linda On December - 22 - 2008 ADD COMMENTS
Dance. Credit: Zooid Linda

Dance. Credit: Zooid Linda

“Every one has their own style of living and dressing”, says a student of JBIET. I would rather call this college secular for a completely different basis. Here you find different people interested in completely different things mingling together, co existing together, which sounded completely exotic to me. It is “unity in diversity” put to life. Everyone has a unique idea of spending time. Few have constructive way of thinking while the others look for entertainment. For example few go for classes in holidays and meet there, few make trips, few meet regularly in the city, few read books and the others sit idle.

Few say teenage is to enjoy, free of responsibilities, where as a few others take it as a bridge to the future. But as per me when there is a balance between both the activities a perfect environment is framed around you. For example you can go to a computer course and try different applications, all the friends together, doesn’t it sound fun. Well if not try YOCS at YMCA in Secunderabad. Go make a speech (the whole gang) laugh over the mistakes made, or the other speakers. Join an NGO and serve as one unit. Well go to a pub (if it is your culture) dance the extra calories off instead of squatting and drinking.

One should always have learning in fun that is what is called constructive behavior, which is very much essential. By giving a paper presentation one can improve ones confidence and subject, on learning dance you give your body the exercise required and peace of mind, on working with an NGO your civic sense improves incognizant with self-satisfaction. As quoted by the elders “art defines a man” i.e. a human without any art, or appreciate it isn’t a human but an animal.

Pose. Credit: Zooid Linda

Pose. Credit: Zooid Linda

Gautami says, “Holidays is the best time to prepare for GRE and CAT”.
Anusha says, “ I need a break”.
Avinash says, “I need to go home”.
Alekhya says, “I will go for yoga”.
Nikita says, “ I got to prepare for car driving classes”
Kranthi says, “ I will explore new places”
Lashitha says, “ I will paint”.
Abhinav says, “ no plans”.

All are from the same class but different plans, same goal, but different ways of viewing life. In this corporate world, high competition is persistent, and recursion is unpredictable, maximum usage of time is very essential, as it cannot be retrieved. Welcome to the corporate.

“Welcome to 2009”

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