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The science of engineering has always been a keystone in man’s quest for a better life. Engineers solve most of our daily problems ranging from transportation to irrigation to computers to even medical equipment, especially in a developing country like ours. Therefore the number of engineering colleges, both private and government, should not surprise you. It therefore becomes very easy for many colleges to get lost in an

Ramanujam block Credit: Razor Rite

Ramanujam block Credit: Razor Rite

ocean of abbreviated names, incompetence and oblivion. Few colleges have managed to carve a niche for themselves as temples of learning. One of them is Vasavi College of Engineering (VCE).

VCE was founded in 1981 by veteran statesman and visionary Sri Pendekanti Venkatasubbaiah in an effort to meet the growing demand for quality engineers in free India. It is one of the oldest engineering colleges in the state. Flanked by a picturesque Golconda fort and Taramati Baradari, the college is located 12kms from the Hyderabad city centre on the Mehdipatnam-Gandipet Road. VCE or Vasavi as it is popularly called by the students has guided many an engineer with a singular vision of “striving for a symbiosis of technological excellence and human value.”

The campus covers a commendable area of 13.6 acres and is adorned by lush green lawns and imposing trees. One tree in particular opposite to the entrance gate has been fondly named the ‘Wisdom tree’ by the students and faculty. Students of various disciplines of engineering have their classrooms and various laboratories in 5 blocks each named after a famous Indian scientist or engineer- C.V. Raman, J.C. Bose, Ramanujam, and Vishveshvaraya. Apart from these blocks the campus also has buildings that house the workshops and still more laboratories. There are rooms for table tennis, caroms, and chess apart from a ground, 2 volleyball courts and 2 open air badminton courts. But the one thing Vasavi is popular for as far as its amenities is concerned is its canteen-Vasavians’ pride and other students’ envy. The canteen, the Wisdom Tree and the Quadrangle of the Vishveshvaraya block are popular rendezvous points and chilling zones for Vasavians.

Vishveshwaraya block Credit: Razor Rite

Vishveshwaraya block Credit: Razor Rite

Vasavi College of Engineering is affiliated to the Osmania University and offers training in Civil engineering (60 students), Mechanical Engineering (120 students), ECE (120 students), Computer Science Engineering (120 students), EEE (60 students) and Information Technology (60 Students). The college also offers a 3 year course in MCA and a two year course in M.Tech. The laboratories are equipped with up to date technology. The library too offers up to 10,000 volumes on a variety of subjects. It also subscribes to popular newspapers, science and technology magazines. There is also a book lending scheme in place for students who cannot afford to buy curriculum text books for the year.

But then Vasavi is not all about studies and laboratories and campuses. Vasavi has always been known to encourage a complete and holistic development of students who wish to experience life as a whole. A whole range of co-curricular and extra curricular activities and events mark the calendar for Vasavi. All national festivals are celebrated with patriotic fervor. If Verve welcomes the fresher’s then Reflections looks to get back

The playground Credit: Razor Rite

The playground Credit: Razor Rite

alumni with the college. But the crown jewels among Vasavi’s events are the inter college Acumen and Euphoria. These events are highly anticipated among the student circles. Acumen seeks to honour the technical genius whereas Euphoria is an exhibition and celebration of Vasavi’s love of dance music and culture. For those who favour literary pursuits the college offers the Technocrat- the college magazine and Vebloggers – the college blog on the net.

The period from 18-25 years are known to set the pace for what will happen in our lives. It is during this period we choose what our careers would be and how we seek to define ourselves as professionals and above all as people. Therefore an atmosphere that is conducive to development and growth is needed. Vasavi College of Engineering to a great extent fulfills that need. No wonder it is ranked 34th among the top 50 private Engineering Colleges in India. Now among thousands of engineering colleges in India that speaks volumes about Vasavi.

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