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Placements at IIIT

By Natty Nawab On January - 19 - 2009 ADD COMMENTS

Campus Placements better known just as ‘Placements’ or ‘Campus’ can be thought of as the single most important aspect of the college life of Engineer. Academicians may tend to disagree with the fact, stating that acquisition of knowledge should be the main aim of a student and things like placement and others do automatically follow from there on and should be treated with secondary importance. While nobody disagrees with the funda of acquiring proper and in-depth knowledge but the basic rule of Engineering life is, doing everything at just the last moment, that’s why you will only find 1 or 2 people in a batch who take subjects seriously while being taught. Rest of the batch studies the subjects just before the D-Day (or should I say days).

Like almost every college in India, IIIT-H also has the custom of having Campus placements where companies are invited to come to campus, from where they can select their prospective employees through a rigorous process. The placement process though may vary from company to company but generally all the IT companies follow a fixed pattern. The placement generally consists of two parts

1. A written screening test

  • · The test may be either a subjective or an objective one, depending on the choice of the company and the type of candidates they are looking for. While the subjective ones generally deal with the subject matter (may sometimes consist of writing an essay or something similar) but the pattern and question type of Objective test offer quite some variety, ranging from purely technical to a test which just checks your mental aptitude.
  • · Some companies can even prefer to have a mixture of both Subjective and Objective tests with objective being the first screening factor and Subjective portion only coming to play after that
  • · Generally companies take only a single written test but there have been cases where companies have had another round of written for candidates who clear the first round.

2. Interview

  • · Most of the companies generally do tend to also have a few rounds of interviews. The number of interviews has been observed to range from 1(very rare) to 4-5 (quite rare). On an average a company has 2-3 rounds of interview and on the basis of the performance of the candidate in the interviews; he/she is either selected or rejected.
  • · The placement being for a job of technical nature generally mean that they only look at your technical knowledge and not things like your communication skill and smartness, a certain amount of which you generally acquire by the time you reach your 4th year. Even when the HR rounds are conducted by the companies, they are more of a formality and it is very rare that you will be kicked out, until and unless you do something outrageous like swearing in the interview (which fortunately has never been observed :P )

The companies are generally ranked on the basis of their package and name, both the factors bearing almost same weight, that’s why a few companies with less package got slotted earlier and vice versa. General protocol is to have a maximum of two companies slotted for a day so that things can be managed in an orderly fashion without too much burden being placed on the students with too many written tests and interviews on a single day also the fact to be considered is that more the number of companies, more will be the common candidates between the companies. Also the idea of having just one company a day may seem preposterous as it will make the process go on for like forever.

One more thing, which generally comes as quite disturbing to the students is the compulsion to dress in formal attire with the plainest or bore’st’ of shirts and trousers you can find in the market all being displayed in full glory on the bodies which never ever sported anything save a rock tee and cargos. All this concept of formal attire with clean shaven looks couldn’t have been more undesired, all this combining to make the students even more uncomfortable when trying to face an interviewer, but at times you need to go by the protocols of the world and this being one of them, you can’t complain too much about the issue.

As can be quite safely assumed, with all the talks of global recession and companies going into their shell when it came to hiring college recruits this time round, the placement scenario in all the colleges (which had placements after September) has been severely hit, with even the IIM-A, supposedly the best management institute in the nation delaying its placement hoping for a revival in the economy. The same effect was observed in IIIT-H, while last year saw a boom in placements with almost everybody getting packages to the tune of 7-8 lpa, this year has been quite hard on the students with the avg salary figures expected to drop quite a few notches as compared to the last year.

As can be expected, with such high stakes involved, this was not a very good time to be in for the 4th year people, with disappointment, anger, tears abounding during the period (which is still not over as the placements are still going on) and things like optimism, happiness and laughter being very scarce to find. Laughter also whenever heard was the sound of an empty laughter with people trying to keep the mood normal by ridiculing their luck. Statements like

“We are prostitutes being lined up in front of the companies, each hoping that the price paid for himself/herself is high enough”

Being the flavor of the day, people coming up with newer and better forms of such statements just going on to prove whatever be the tensions surrounding, you just can’t take the wit out of some people.

All in all, you can safely say that though this may be the toughest time (tougher this year than previous years) but the fact remains that the more the stones are pelted at you, more stronger you get with each stone thrown at you and you learn to come back after every such setback. Some people may start getting disappointed with the fact that they didn’t as many bucks as they would have wanted or the optimist in the situation can look at the situation in another light and think that if I can get a job in this situation, this means that whatever happens in the future I am never gonna be fighting for money all my life and will be able to lead a respectful life, whatever and whenever I endeavor to do.

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