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Adsophos ‘09

By Azazel Eyes On January - 26 - 2009 ADD COMMENTS

ADSOPHOS, the biennial technical festival of MJCET was organized on the 20th and 21st of January. Adsophos, the word meaning ‘the quest for knowledge’, was indeed a good platform for youngsters to tickle the creative side of their brains and have fun. The event aimed at providing students with an opportunity to showcase their talent in technical fields of their choice, as well as amuse oneself in the bunch of fun-events. Involving participation of around 3000 students from various colleges in the city, the festival was quite a nice show.

“The inaugural function got delayed by 2 hours on the first day because of the guests not turning up on time, in spite of which the organizers managed an on-time exercise of the schedule planned. Really appreciable work,” says a staff member, in praise of his students. The festival could broadly be described as a technical festival with a tinge of fun and gala. The major technical events were paper presentations and model presentations, while the fun events were great a many. Also the single-seat car designed by the students of MJCET for Baja SAE vehicle was displayed for the advantage of the participants And visitors. More than 150 papers were collected, when around 20% of them were selected for the second level presentation. Also about 30 models of various sorts, belonging to varied fields were displayed for competition and public appreciation. Students had also the opportunity to explain the working of their models so enthusiasts. Robotics event was a huge hit in terms of the number of people attending it as well as the quality of work displayed.

Technical events of other departments included a structure designing competition of Civil Engineering Department, Robotics of Mechanical Department, Coding competition of IT, CSE departments.Mock interviews grabbed most participants, more because every student wanted to know how it is to be attending interviews. Most students had satisfactory outputs and suggestions from the organising team. Call it the nature of youngsters or just the gravity of organization, fun events managed to attract a larger number of participants as compared to the grave, technical events. The college campus was filled with a spirit of excitement and energy throughout the course of those two days, more because of the involvement of a large segment of students in the fun-events. Major ones among them were the ‘Roadies’, ‘Bluff Master’, ‘Movie Mania’, ‘Be in the boss’ shoe’, a case study, ‘Search to sell’, ‘Cross-talk’, the debate, ‘Dare devils’ and more. While Roadies, was hosted by a radio-jockey from the media-partner Sfm 93.5 MHz., rest of the fun events were facilitated by students from various departments of MJCET. Speaking about her experience of hosting the search-to-sell event, Nishaat Farheen, a 3/4 B.E. student says, “It was tiring to speak to people and get them to register for our event. Our concept was a combination of a mini- treasure hunt and an AD design competition. Participants had to search for their product and design an ad around it. Though we felt our heads begging for mercy every hour, because of the work-load, once it was all over, we feel like we did the best job in organizing it. For me, it was a first time experience, and a memorable one.” “Participants definitely thought out of the box and had a sense of originality of outlook. Their comments and arguments showed how strong they were as individuals. Some of them had a few flaws here and there. But if this was their first time, they sure deserve an applause,” said the lady from Career Launcher, who presided over the case study competition. It was considered very nice of her to actually give participants an overall group performance and an individual note, regarding their performance.

Major sponsors for the festival were Texas chicken and Honda, which contributed to more than half the total event expenditure. And with the presence of Texas chicken on campus, the festival was no less than a food-mela! “Phew! I am happy for the way things turned out in the end. It was tough for us going around for sponsors, but I am proud our team has done a good job. All is well, that ends well,” says, Vikranth Vasireddy, a coordinator for marketing. The prizes were declared at the valedictory function on the evening of 21st January, which was, for well-known reasons, the most exciting part of the two day festival. The coordinators were found breathing heavily, and in relief towards the few last hours of the hurry-burry. We had noticed most of them running around getting things done during the previous 48 hours, and it was indeed a successful job that they had completed, with barely any flaws. Thus concluded ADSOPHOS ’09.

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