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MVSR Energy Day

By Azazel Eyes On February - 1 - 2009 ADD COMMENTS

The Renewable Energy club of MVSREC worked in sync with staff and student volunteers from the Departments of Mechanical Engineering and Electronics and Electrical Engineering in facilitating their annual event MVSREC Energy Day. The event aimed at young engineers discussing the need for studying, understanding and consequently developing new techniques and models for preventing Energy crisis in the world. Various ideas were discussed by lecturers as well as student enthusiasts regarding means and ways in which to reduce energy wastages and attempts were made to understand the need for employing non-conventional energy production methods such as Solar energy trapping, Wind energy storage, Tidal Energy stockpiling and the likes.

The inaugural function included messages by the principal Prof. Mr. P.A. Sastry, Dr.V.V.Satyanarayana and Dr. G.Ravindranath, Heads of the Mechanical Engineering Department and the E.E.E. Department respectively. They recalled all the ventures of students and lecturers of MVSR in the fields of renewable energy and the innumerable ideas implemented by students at various levels in the recognition of non-conventional energy resources as a part of, as well as after under-graduation. They spoke about the need for young citizens to find out ways in which to save energy so as to prevent the hazard of energy dearth for the future generations. The scarcity of energy, they said, can not be won over, unless we realize its peril and begin our strife against it in this very moment. It was discussed that the amount of electricity being produced by conventional methods today might barely be sufficient to meet energy needs of the growing industrial world. With emergence of modern infrastructure to comfort human lives, the requirement for energy would multiply with the years.

30 years down the line, the earth might be devoid of ready petroleum for usage and we might not be able to produce enough electricity from the conventional options, to make up for it. So, it is necessary that we hurry up and find out better means of energy survival, and this conference was all about discussing that same prerequisite. “It was a greater success than it was last year. This year we had more than 70 papers presented. We are glad many students from various OU-affiliated colleges made it to the conference and the competitions. Their enthusiasm makes us determined to take a step further, and invite students from colleges all over the city to participate in this event next year…”, says Rohit Ahuja, a E.E.E. student and one of the chief coordinators of the MVSR Energy Day.

In addition to the marvelous number of papers, there were also quite a number of working/ demonstrative models constructed by students, exhibiting various types of power-production methods available. Also, presenters of the models elucidated to a panel of judges and students the working principles behind their models and the feasibilities of these novel techniques. Also many innovative concepts were spoken about by participants, by which they believed a revolution in the field of energy generation is inevitable, in the very imminent future. Students also made impressive posters to explain a diversity of energy resources. “Geothermal energy is one great energy asset we have. It is highly reliable and dependable and if properly trapped into an energy reserve can generate more energy than what we are producing from hydro electricity today. It is considered a weak resource more because of the extreme amounts of initial investment in demands, and because of the tedious research that needs to be done before choosing the correct location for a setup. But, if we have enough financial funding that these two factors are ignored, we might happily survive any height of energy crisis that might possibly arise”, says a participant who displayed a demonstrative model of a geo-thermal energy production project. He also explicated for us the working of that setup.

Various forms of energy resources excluding hydro-projects, petroleum energy and petroleum based resources are classified as non-conventional energy resources. They chiefly comprise of solar energy, wind energy, geo-thermal energy, nuclear energy, tidal energy, bio- fuels et al. All these forms of energy can be trapped and guided through processes that lead to production of electricity as an end product. Evidently, electricity today is the most useful form of energy, as it can be converted to other forms and re-utilized most efficiently. As growing citizens it is of our responsible interest that we need to estimate how much of the regular resources should be replaced by more sophisticated and modern techniques so as to nip this problem-to-be in the bud. We need to suppress the shortage by decreasing wastage at primary level as well as by looking up for better ways to produce sufficient energy. After all, it is for comfort of living that all of man’s creations are. If our comfort today might lead to a terrible soreness in the life of tomorrow, it is our duty to mend it on day one. The Energy Day at MVSREC succeeded in sowing the seeds of responsibility and encouraged scientific thought to fight the problem; once again successful in spreading the right message to responsible and intelligent engineers of tomorrow.

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