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The hottest name in the field of Information technology today has put forward some interactive sessions along with the pre-final year students of various colleges inorder to get acquainted with the technical know-hows. Infosys Technologies.Ltd has risen drastically over the past few years thereby contributing to the whopping job opportunities in the field of Information Technology. Conducting such interactive programmes as an introductory to the budding engineers into the world of campus placements would definitely benefit them

The infosys campus, Gachibowli Credit: Screed Hauteur

The infosys campus, Gachibowli Credit: Screed Hauteur

immensely. It aims at improving their employability thereby paving their path  into the technical arena. The programme, apparently began with a speech which required one to infer the saying -Dream, but do not make dreams your goals!

Then the students were made to look around the campus quickly and get involved in a supposedly practical seminar session which included various teams interacting with each other. After lunch, each team was asked to provide a practical solution to a problem or a way that facilitated  in acquiring the solution. It was a sad miss for the ones who couldn’t make it; Not to forget the two tea-breaks. It also included a special ‘Soft skills programme’ which facilitated the need to improvise  the communication skills of every student without which he/she would not be easily selected by any company.

Senior Manager, Infosys Campus Connect, T.V. Bhanu Prasad addressed the students, explaining the various possible outcomes of fine technological solutions to a basic industry problem. He also said

Credit: Screed Hauteur

Credit: Screed Hauteur

that students need to prepare for the entrance examinations and those who would be selected shall be placed in an intensive training programme at the Infosys Technologies, Mysore.

H.O.D.Suresh Reddy, (Information Technology),VNR VJIET said that these campus connect programmes will enhance the chances of getting better job oppurtunities to students. He also said that various mock-tests are being conducted to the pre-final year students of all the branches along with the soft skills programmes and effective seminar sessions.

There’s something students must perceive that, although jobs today are overtly important, knowing the rightful one for you is equally important.So what exactly goes on over here? Would you be satisfied with the training stint? Is this your dream job? These answers may be bothersome but they form a crucial part of your technical know-hows.

Credit: Screed Hauteur

Credit: Screed Hauteur

MVRD Prasad,Training & Placement officer , VNRVJIET said that the students would be placed either in their final year or pre-final year during the course of their study and that various on-campus interviews would take place. He admits that the highest number of students this year were placed in Infosys. He also adds that here, motivation is the key.

Priyanka.M who got selected in Infosys this year says, “I’m glad Ive been placed in Infosys, I always wanted to be there and I’m looking forward to the training programme next year”

Recently, Infosys has lashed out claims by the newspapers regarding the reduction in the  salaries of employees saying that they were all rumors and that freshers needn’t worry. The students were also informed about the new Infosys campus,to be located at Pocharam (a 450-acre something) that would spring in plentiful job oppurtunities to the already worried students. The students and the faculy members present thanked Infosys for extending their foundation programmes to the colleges and assured them the needed support. The employees also seem to be comfortable with their dream jobs, with Infosys aiming to provide them a bright, promising future is surely captivating.

So, are you the next infoscion?

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