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‘Bhumi’ was a name that belonged to the yahoo groups in September 2006, until five ordinary people made it a powerful voice today.These young people had a dream and  most importantly, the will to achieve it. They had one vision, one perception, one aspiration. Their prime motive is uplifting the under-privileged societies of our country. As they strongly raise their voices for change, it hadn’t been a cakewalk for Mujeeb, Rakesh, Rahul, Divyashri and Tejeswi. With revolutionary convictions in their hearts, they all met up for the first time in IIIT, Hyderabad. Since then, there was no turning back for it was their supreme belief that leaders are not born, leaders are made !

Empowerment of the people spoke volumes for universal sustainable development. Hence, imparting leadership among fellow citizens and motivating them so as to how they could bring about a change in the country’s economy as well as a transformation within themselves is Bhumi’s vision. They have explored all avenues to strive upon their vision. This includes education, health care facilities, Water, Environment and Sanitation.

They firmly believe that educating the societies is next to empowerment and transformation of the whole society. Their ongoing projects include,Government High School located at Rasoolpura, Hyderabad and the Balavikas located at Mehboobnagar, Kosigi. They have also taken an active part in conducting various health camps, surveys and were efficacious in reaching out to about three thousand people from the slum. Bhumi was awarded the second prize at the Mondialgo Contest.

As a part of grooming leadership, the certified Dronacharya and Ekalavya Tutoring and Mentoring program conducted a two day workshop on effective leadership, self awareness and learning various other skills which may eventually lead to transformation of your relationship with the mentis and help them ‘overcome’ complications in communication with the mentor. A mentor is chosen for every student (menti) and he/she personally deals with the menti’s difficulties in education or otherwise. Commuting the menti’s problems would indirectly turn to be more beneficial for the mentor himself.
The seventh of February saw various mentors, facilitators and coaches and with the core members at the Marriott, Hyderabad.

It all began with an introductory speech by Mr.Kiran Gulrajani which emphazised mainly on what exactly bhumi was made for and its main objectives.He also spoke about how important leadership was and how it can be inculcated within us. A powerpoint presentation ignited a familiar feeling in terms of empowerment among many. Few members came ahead to share their mentoring experiences and how they had overcome milestones to reach the student’s heart. Also, Dr. Pramod Tripathi, Nithya Shanti, Sangeeta Bhagwat and Sanjay Behuria were among the active speakers.

The mentors, and coordinators were involved in various discussions and this proved to be extremely constructive for the young mentors. The crazy dancing session was monumental for overcoming stress and remain ‘connected’. Speeches on servant leadership and mentoring were significant.
Another prominent aspect of that evening was the Emotional Freedom Technique or EFT. Its also called the new version of Acupuncture sparing you with the needles part of it.It has been successful in eliminating emotional difficulties, health-related and personality issues. Surprisingly, it had instances of over-night success stories.

Regardless of the age, all of us undergo tremendous amounts of stress and we eventually land up in obstacles we cannot look beyond. ‘Running on the lit-pit,’ as they call it, at once seemed to be the solution. Everyone present there were made to walk on burning coal that spread out as a pit. Astonishing as it may sound, at any point in the future when you find yourself in those difficult situations, you must remember how you had walked through a coal pit and remind yourself that nothing could be more challenging than that.

The second day began with oodles of energy and optimism in every sounding voice. It just needed two motivational video clips of Nick Vujicic to move each one of the audience. Incidentally, the very first clip got a tear in the corner of the eye.
During the group activity, each of the group members spoke about their own experiences of getting motivated. Soon, a powerful subject of COC and COI was introduced. COC or Circle of Concern is all about those things you care about. On the other hand, COI or Circle of Interest deals with all those things you tend to influence. According to Derek Sivers, “You can either be proactive or reactive when it comes to how you respond to certain things. When you are reactive, you blame other people and circumstances for obstacles or problems. Being proactive means taking responsibility for every aspect of your life.”

Although, the need for change has been intensifying, it hasn’t taken place over the years and our country’s economic growth is in no match with the alarming population growth. We all talk about how filthy politicians are, how you never get to leave the cops without a bribe (to an extent where we began to take a positivity in it) and other countless issues. We all talk of change. How many of us actually take a step ahead and comprehend it?
A recent survey proved that one out of every ten Indians think he/she would make better leaders. Each of us could be a leader.
Why do we turn to cold hands when injustice digs itself to the roots? Why do we blink twice when we watch kids starve for a day’s meal and do absolutely nothing about it? We all know that change always begins with one and that could be any of us. Yet we turn a blind eye to this reality.
One such coach, Ms Malathi Rao explains,” We need to wake up to the realities of our country and and I’m overwhelmed to see so many young people actively participate in the mentoring programme”

Letters of appreciation were exchanged among the groups and the essential role of ’silence’ in conversations and relationships was enacted. Nithya Shanthi spoke about the importance of silence in our lives. A number of mentors conveyed their feelings about the programme and how they would change their mentoring experiences. Watching these motivated youth interact, any of us could get inspired. Vamshi Krishna, a student of vnr vjiet said, ” I would make it a COI instead of a COC”

The president,Abdul Mujeeb Khan spoke with words full of emotion in his breath. He asserted that it hadn’t been a cakewalk for them. He said that each us could become effective leaders and transform ourselves and others.He spoke about the Rasoolpura village and how they got ‘connected’ to the people. Various problems like the parents not approving of the mentoring system and instead forcing the slum children to work for daily wages. For Najeeb, it wasn’t just a programme aimed at futuristic leaders, it was a vision of empowerment. He said that the RTI or Right To Information resonated with their energy but not their vision. He thanked Ms.Razia for her tremendous effort in monitoring the woman’s thrift groups. She had also written a poem that briefed about a seed that has a longing to grow into a huge tree in order to provide shade to as many living creatures as possible. He thanked sonata software and informed the members about Mr.Bhushanam and his work at the Rasoolpura village. Soon, there was a celebration. He addressed everyone present there with an awe of inspiration. At the end of it all, someone had announced that the each of them must hug atleast ten people before they depart. It showed how connected each of them had become and that they would stand together as one in this revolution. With shrills in the sound, watching a tomorrow isn’t far, when little voices reach the sky!

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