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The spring/summer fashion fiesta. Credit: Screed Hauteur

The spring/summer fashion fiesta. Credit: Screed Hauteur

The year 2008 saw the 90s trend revoke every designer’s imagination. Dump the flowy long chains, hide those accesories in bronze and silver, ditch your winter/ fall jackets and immediately get over vertical stripes.Guys who have accumulated the likes of pink in their wardrobes must wake up to the trend of feminity no longer being a  fad. Girls need to get their gear changing with the end of the medieval-period classics. Outrage yourself into the fiery fashion of 2009 which has got an entirely new story to tell!

Fashion and the seasons are interconnected and the style quotient dwells upon the two. With spring almost waving a goodbye and welcoming the subtle warmth of summer, there are notably high changes in the rageous world of fashion.The 60s and 70s look is slowly catching up with the ramp and today’s youngsters are leaving no stone unturned in adapting this look.  Come march, and you will see the colors of your life! Yet,  effortless choices in selection of the right colors for the right occasion may ruin your style. Hence, the spell for this season is  “wear what’s right for YOU”

The Valentines day saw people in the darker shades of pink, purple instead of shades in rose, lavender and the likes. Pamper yourselves with the playful plums, graceful fern greens, rageous reds, bolder blacks and bewitching blues. The darker the better, as if the colors show no signs of lightening. Although, the darker colors are apt for the evenings, you needn’t worry about your pastels either.Pick up the perky, light-hued colors during the day and save the deserving darks for the evening.

Apparel and accessories for the girls. Credit: Screed Hauteur

Apparel and accessories for the girls. Credit: Screed Hauteur

Tunics rule for the girls all the way, storming into college fashion with vibrant colors and patterns. Floral prints make  a re-entry along with the mix-n-match style. Essembles such as a tube top can be worn on a t-shirt and so on. Layering seems to be the next in thing. Fusion of the indo-western garments also has made its presence felt.

For the guys, its outrightly a fusion of formal wear and denims . From the moment you go to college, to a nice, tanguishing dinner, or a starry evening party, get those formals in and you will surely capture quite a lot of eyes.Deep V-neck shirts along with polos, t-shirts,cardigans can create a new look. The revival of the 70s look brought back the wide-striped shirts and micro patterns.

The city is surely celebrating with every other store offering unstinted discounted sales. But due to recession, everyone seems to have tightened their belts. The 70s fringe is the sensation of this season. Hair trends
in 2009 get straight into the extremes. Either a cropped, fringed bob or a flowy long hair style would make you girls stand out. Even the guys get fringe all the way-everything from a cropped fringe to a textured, rugged hairstyle. Especially, when long hair is the way to go!

Head bands are a complete hit among the truly fashion obssessed. This trend has gotten both girls and guys look funky. Some good news for those of you who haven’t yet discarded your showy short chains- they’re slowly getting in vogue. Also, the sunglass fever is emerging quickly with the sun already casting a spell of scorching heat

Dos ( for a new, confident and stylish YOU)

~The experimental look is in, so play with your looks and

~The horizontal striped shirts along with the biker shirts are
turning into a fad

~Oversized t-shirts paired with the narrow denims are just
perfect for both girls and guys

~The knee-length / cropped pants are in vogue.

~Take a sneak-peak from the 70s accessory norms. The
less flashy, the better.

~The Messy yet natural look finally makes a come-back .

Don’ts ( save yourself and others from disasters)

~The red lipstick, red nailpolish stint is sinking. So make
sure you’re not a victim of this.

~Guys, no more pink please!

~High heels are sexy, but osteoarthritis definetely  isn’t sexy.

~Lakme Indian fashion week isn’t the only option for a
fashion update

~Ditch everything that is overrated, go the bric-a-brac way.

~Forget hair-dos and hair styling. A hot new hair-cut would
be a better alternative to your mane.

Fashionising is surely a stylish way of projecting you attitude and confidence which would indeed speak volumes about your personality. So, what is your style statement?

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