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 Jamaal Mallik Junior of Slumdog millionaire. Credit: www.newsline365.com

Jamaal Mallik Junior of Slumdog millionaire. Credit: www.newsline365.com

‘Slumdog millionaire’ is the movie of the year and would be cherished and remembered for the time to come; after all, not all films manage to glide through global competition and be the number one, both in terms of the number of Oscars it grabs and in terms of being the winner of the Big Oscar, for the best Picture of the year. An uncomplicated love-story line and an inspection of the Mumbai- slum life are the key points behind the movie’s making while its success depended immensely on the flawless cinematography, perfect cast, background music, and various other bits and bites that completed it. The cast and crew have just started celebrating their success, and while the producers of the film begin enjoying their dazzling win, the debutante actors of the movie see a bright and brilliant future. With so much seen about this miracle-movie, we at VidYouth set out to find out more about what the youth of Hyderabad have to say about this movie. We caught people at a few popular hangouts and multiplexes just so we get the right general perspective of youngsters about the story of how a slum dog gets to become a crorepati.

Sandhya, aged 19 and a resident of Nallakunta says, “The film was a good one. But certainly it was not the foremost one to portray the culture of Indian slums. After having seen a couple of movies made by Indian directors about the same background storyline, this wasn’t the most excellent of them”.  We agree with you on the point that there were certainly nice pictures made about sad and hazardous life in the Mumbai slums, Traffic Signal for instance. Comparing the two movies, any youngster would say Traffic Signal was the better of the two, for the fact that it was down-to-earth, believable and simple. It wasn’t a mere romance and it highlighted the roles of slum people with much more reality than the actual Oscar Winner. “But the Oscar winner is the Oscar winner. It is wrong on our parts to speak of this movie as a nothing. It wasn’t a great make. It was only a simple film for the simple minds. And that might be the prime reason why it has been liked by so many viewers around the world. The only fact that it was understandable to most people and the point that they could relate to the characters, I guess, was what made the movie so special. It is a favorite of so many people, surely, not for nothing!” says Ritika Jaiswal a student of Arts College, Osmania University.

 The Slumdog that becomes a Millionaire... Credit: www.newsline365.com

The Slumdog that becomes a Millionaire... Credit: www.newsline365.com

While hundreds of music lovers and A.R. Rehman fans are going crazy with the news that their idol bagged both the Oscars he was nominated for, they do admit it was a biased nomination. “Of the three songs that were nominated at the Oscars for the ‘best song award’, ‘Jai Ho’ was undoubtedly the ace, but then when judged against Rehman’s past ventures this one is by far not the finest. We loved Lagaan, Bombay, Roja and Taal. Rangeela, Bharateeyudu were great shows. Jeans had far better music. But the surprise comes only with Slumdog Millionaire. Question is why? Is it all because it is an English make? How many of us can honestly state that of all the wonders that Rehman created, this was the one deserving of the most honored award of the film-sphere?” questions Soumya an engineering student, and an ardent Rehman admirer. She insisted that Rehman as a musician deserves an Oscar, but if they had to choose one movie of all his works, at least 20 movies would have been ahead of Slumdog Millionaire.

However, forgetting the music and so-called-‘old’ storyline, we move on to the feeling the movie leaves behind. We asked a few teenagers what is their feeling after watching the movie. “It was a touching story, a sweet love story of how hope and belief rides one past all difficulties,” says Ananya Mithran. “It was a entertaining pastime. But it wasn’t as great a movie as it is being hyped about. I enjoyed watching it once, but I don’t think I will be able to stand it for another time. I’d rate it 3.5 on 5. If it has bagged the Oscars, it might be more because the Westerners cherish the sight of Indian slums and boost their false egos against the real competition Indians are facing them with, in every sphere of life. They are happy imagining India in the slums yet, which is not completely the truth of the case”. That is what Kalyan Ramakrishna thinks.

Whatever might be the opinions now, Slumdog Millionaire has sure made its place in the world film field already. With 8 winning places at the 81st Annual Academy awards, a movie based on Indian life, has made history. Whether it was on a basis of mass appreciation that the movie attracted, its success in portraying dark- reality or just a hyped-about story that made its audiences happy, the movie is the Best Picture of 2008. There is no denying that the effort and work put in by the no-star cast and crew of the production has paid off well with 8 Oscar Awards. Cheers!

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