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Happy Endings... Credit: www.culturefeast.com

Happy Endings... Credit: www.culturefeast.com

Defined by filmsite.org as “movies that appeal more to the stereotypical interests of women than men and are often romantic comedies, tearjerkers with female characters, Cinderella-like ‘fairy tales’ about finding love, or tales of feminine bonding”, CHICK FLICKS are stories on celluloid where, more often than not, a woman who is positive, cheerful and carefree but unlucky in love eventually ends up meeting a bloke that’ll take her to her destiny of happily-ever-after! These movies are the whole deal. They include romance [obviously!], a strong bond between friends [the good ol’ best friend is slowly giving way to a chic group of buddies], a good dose of mush and laughter and of course the male-lead whose job is to appear in the movie at sporadic moments and make his [eventual] lady love and the audience alike, swoon!!

Love's all around... Credit: www.2movieguys.blogspot.com

Love's all around... Credit: www.2movieguys.blogspot.com

“Pretty Woman is my all-time favourite movie. It’s a fairy tale in a lot of ways with Richard Gere being the prince charming that comes into Julia Robert’s life. But I like it more for the transformation she goes through. She always had it in her and just needed a little help to discover who she really was and of course for the happy ending.” gushes Nithya, an under-graduate student. One can be a self-confessed addict of chick flicks or could outright deny watching them, but the truth is we’ve all watched them before and will continue to watch them. They are like the drug that one can’t help but be addicted to or a good book that one just can’t seem to put down. “Everyone wants to find love, a soul mate and chick flicks just confirm our hope of finding that love. Maybe not in a fairy tale-ish manner but in a realistic way. They make me more optimistic about finding love.” adds Nithya. The reasons for watching them could vary from one person to the next, a sudden bout of feeling low or just hanging out with friends to wanting to put a break-up behind or watch just watching them for the pure unadulterated romance without any mystery or action that transports one to an imaginary place.

Chick Flicks! Credit: www.7digital.com

Chick Flicks! Credit: www.7digital.com

“It has to be When Harry Met Sally.” says Keerthi, a 19-year old when asked about her favourite chick flick. “It’s fascinating to see how the lives of two complete strangers are woven together over a period of time. With the blend of humour and romance in right portions, it’s one of the best feel-good movies that I have seen. At the end of a long day, there’s nothing like a good movie and a tub of ice cream.” she says. Some of the other timeless classics that are extremely popular with movie goers of this genre are Breakfast at Tiffany’s, Dirty Dancing, My Best Friend’s Wedding, A Walk to Remember, Before Sunrise/Before Sunset, My Big Fat Greek Wedding, Bridget Jones’s Diary, Notting Hill, The Notebook, Love Actually, et cetera, et cetera…the list seems never ending!

Aside from being romantic, exciting and dreamy at times, romantic comedies and chick flicks have also been accused of being “exaggerated and unrealistic portrayals of love which interfere with future relationship functioning” by a research conducted on human behaviour. They give unrealistic expectations to young people about ideas of ‘love-at-first-sight’ and ‘flying sparks’ and the idea of fate and destiny is also made more fanciful and extravagant than it actually is. Another increasing trend found in the recent films of this category is the portrayal of the protagonist as a ‘fashion obsessed-extremely chic-slightly hysterical-size zero’ woman. It does give out the wrong message to teenagers and young people that are highly influenced by movies.

Love them or hate them, a girl’s gotta watch her flicks… Because at the end of the story of every girl, there comes a prince charming and together they go riding into the sun, even if it only for an hour and a half and in a movie. Amen to that!

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