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We had another dazzling and scintillating edition of Felicity, the annual cultural and technical fest of  IIIT-Hyderabad to provide Hyderabad with the much needed spirit of competition and celebration which is what  Felicity provides and has been providing. The tagline for this year’s Felicity was “Celebration like Never before”  and celebration it was like never before this time! Felicity is the 3 day cult cum technical fest of IIIT-H, generally organised in the month of February with the dates  for this chapter being 20th – 22nd of February. The onus of organisation and management of Felicity is generally on  the 3rd yr students of IIIT who along with the help of their juniors from 1st and 2nd year make it possible.

Felicity can be divided into two clearly demarkated sections, the Technical part known as Threads which consists of  all the CS and EC related technical events you could think of along with Zombie Zone, a gaming event which is a  brand in itself while rest of the Cultural & Literary events form Felicity, the cult part of the Fest. The nights of  all the 3 days of the event have different agenda and theme ranging from a celebrity studded first night to the Rock Show and Mr & Ms Felicity.

The mornings of Felicity start with talks from distinguished people from different walks of life, listening to whom  can be quite enlightning. The guests for the talks this time were Mr. Jayprakash Narayan and Mr. Pulela Gopichand  while people like Mr. Sitaram Yechuri, Mrs. Rashmi Bansal (the famous blogger and a writer now) and Ms. Karuna Gopal have been in  attendance last year. The mornings of the lectures, which most of the people generally miss as nobody is quite  interested in waking up early on holidays though no sportsperson missed the talk of Gopichand while no blogger did  dare miss the talk of Rashmi Bansal, talks are attended basically by people who have more interest in the field with  which the person is related, that is why you can see the politically motivated and informed people attending the  talks of the politicians like Sitaram Yechuri & JP.

There is a plethora of events during the 3 day extravaganza which can keep people having different interests and  aspirations or from any walk of life interested and occupied. From the geeky coding competition “Codecraft” which  attracts participants from more than 30 countries to Mr. & Ms. Felicity, a personality competition which can make you  a star among a huge audience (one of the biggest in Hyderabad) in a little matter of 2 hours. IF you have Zombie Zone,an event for the hard core  gaming fans who are seldom interested in any other thing (including the girls) in Felicity except their event then you also have a Journalism competition which gives you a chance to be a reporter and interact with any and everybody  and keep your interest alive in all the things going around you.

Most of the events in Felicity are generally held in various rooms and seminar halls in the Main Academic block of IIIT. Almost all the literary events and the prelims of all the cult events are held in these rooms and seminar halls with only a few of the myriad events held during the 3 days of the fest getting stage presence. The events held on the stage are generally held in the evening or the post afternoon session, which means all the action in the mornings and afternoons is held in the main building.

Having a look at the major nights of the fest, The first night has been the celebrity night for the last 2 years, this year also, the Fest saw Mohit Chauhan (of Masakali fame) on the first night. Mohit Chauhan has been recieving quite some public galore since the song Masakali became a chart buster. The performance by the man though abounding in good music and very good vocals for some of the extraordinary songs which he has been singing since the time of Silk Route, lacked a certain fizz which you can see when bigger performers like KK, Euphoria or Shan are performing. There was almost no improvization by the guy while performing and the breaks between two songs were so mute that you could have been left wondering if the sounds have gone or something. He performed almost all of his major hits including Dooba dooba, Boondein, Jadugar (all three from Silk Route ), Khoon Chala (from Rang De Basanti), Tum Se hi (Jab We Met) and ofcourse Masakali which was performed twice on audience demand and was an absolute hit both the times. He also performed a few other songs which I havent heard much, one being Sabse peeche Hum Khade and another song from the movie Fashion,  there were a few other ones too which seem to be eluding the memory of the reporter. There were also performances by IIIT students before Mohit Chauhan which (unfortunately) were plagued by electricity disruptions, quite a big failure on the part of the organisers which thankfully were sorted out and didnt surface during Mohit Chauhan’s performance.

The second night of Felicity is the Rock Show or Riders on the Storm as the event is known since last year. This event is definitely the biggest rock show Hyderabad can boast of and the hype this year after a hugley succesful event last year was unprecedented. Hyderabad Rock Lovers Community was abuzz with excitement about the event, and the event definitely had the billing to create such a buzz. The rock competition had 4 bands and the co-headlining bands were Blind Image, Cafe Dilemma with Demonic Resurrection (D.R.) being the Headlining band for the evening. Although Cafe Dilemma pulled out at the last moment citing some personal reasons, yet the event was as big as you could xpect it to be! With the dosage of Death metal being given in such a hgh quantity, you can expect people to go mad and mad for sure did people become. Moshing was at its worst(or best), with people losing their teeth, dislocating their fingers and complaining for many days after the event coz of the injuries sustained in the moshing going on. Thankfully for all the not so large sized people, Sairam, the mosher who with his size and power is a terror in the moshing scenario was not participating in the moshpet as his band was one amongst the 4 competing bands which let many lean, thin people come out openly into the moshpet. There were a few tries by the experienced rock lovers to make the wall of death but more than often these attempts fizzled out! The event ended with the performance of D.R., which is the first Indian Metal band to independently release a CD back in 2000-01 itself. The rock show was quite good but there were quite some qualms about the anchoring of the event with various people complaining about the anchor.

Third night of Felicity is the night of Mr. & Ms. Felicity, the personality cum talent competition. After the first two nights of performances by professionals, third night is just for the students with 5 guys and 5 gals vying for thr honour of Mr & Ms Felicity. The winners in both categories are chosen after three rounds which check the participants for different aspects of their personality. The first round is a freestyle performance round where the participants are given a fixed time and they can do whatever they like on the stage, most of the participants chose to dance, and singing comes a distant second but there have been aberrations as well, some people have played instrumentals over the years, some have acted and one guy read out a speech too, all in the game I say! The second round is a pairing round with a guy and a girl being paired and given sum situation to make a mini skit sort of thing to keep the crowd entertained and judges happy and get points. These two rounds serve as the elimination round, bringing the number of participants down to 3 from 5 who are then asked questions by judges  and then finally a winner is declared. Mr & Ms Felicity or MnM as it is known in IIIT is followed by War of DJs which is a competition of professional DJs from Hyderabad and saw a participation of 12 DJs this time round who made people dance for hours until their feet gave away!

Looking at it on a whole, Felicity was quite succesful this time, there were some chinks which. though unwanted but can be almost always expected in such unprofessional events organised by 3rd yr students of a B.Tech collg. There were electicity issues, there were flaws in organizing, though none too major to make a mess of the fest. Another factor over which nobody had control was the prizes given this time, as a result of the world wide recession going on. It was quite tough to find enough sponsors this time as almost every company is concentrating more on saving their sorry asses in these tough times rather than doling out money to some college students for their college fest. All the shortcomings and failures withstanding, the event did have many moments of glory for itself along with a few moments of failure.

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