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A few decades ago, yesteryear actress, Sadhana, created a wave in the world of mainstream Indian cinema with her charismatic style. Soon after, her magic faded away and was replaced by the oh-so-beautiful Asha Parekh. That phase too eventually lost its sheen. There were many more sensations waiting to take Indian cinema and its audience by storm! Not as much for their work though, as for the hype surrounding their hairstyles. Whether it is the ever-famous fringe popularized by Sadhana, or Kajol’s KKHH look, or Esha’s Dhoom makeover, fashion has indeed come of age in India.

Fashion in India has always been a dictum of Bollywood. The styles that we see on the streets are just mere embodiments of the magic created by the doe-eyed beauties on celluloid. And quite obviously, the legacy has crept into this summer as well! The time has come to cut those lovely tresses short, a la Vidya Balan and Bipasha Basu, and to protect your hair from the sweltering heat. The need for a cool and comfortable haircut is further exemplified, thanks to the temperatures soaring a few degrees more with each passing summer. So what’s the coolest way to fight the heat this season? Read on, as VidYouth finds out…

As always, short haircuts are definitely the style to swear by! Short bobs, layers and crops are probably some of the best styles to sport during summer. For those of you who just love your hair too much to chop them off, a healthier alternative would be to have it up to shoulder length in layers. This also adds the chic element to your style and makes you look a lot more feminine. Hair at that length or maybe even a bit longer, can be plaited, worn up in an updo like the prom style or tied up in a high pony tail. Shorter hair that’s a little above the neckline, on the other hand, can either be left open or clutched together loosely with hair accessories like slide pins and clutches. A vibrant headband or bandanna is another option that would best suit short hair and it is also very much in vogue. It also protects the hair from damage due to the heat and dust.

As opposed to popular thought that certain hairstyles wouldn’t suit certain face types, these hair-dos can be altered and manipulated to suit just about any face shape. Adding more fringes and layers to an oval shaped face would make it look fuller and create an illusion of width around the sides of the face. A round face, on the other hand, can be made to look less chubby by having an extended length at the back and cutting down on the layers. A cross fringe across the face can also help round and square face shapes to a great extent.

A good hairstyle is one of the most important factors that contribute to a person’s looks. Irrespective of a person’s features, hairstyles can add to or mar a person’s beauty. Ritu, a college-going student says, “My features aren’t really that good, so it’s important for me to have a good hairstyle so that it takes the attention off my face.” When asked about how important she thought sporting a good hairstyle was, Shalini, a 2nd year graduation student said, “It definitely is very important. It acts as a morale boost and makes you feel more confident and ready to face the world.” The importance of a good haircut couldn’t have been more self-explanatory than this.

Women, these days, do not shirk away from spending that extra buck on looking good. Whether it is a simple crop or the “Sadhana cut”, as it has come to be known today, hairstyles have come a long way in terms of the variations and variety that they offer. People aren’t afraid of experimenting with different looks to finally zero in on that picture-perfect look. ‘Look Good, Feel Good’ has become a mantra of sorts and thanks to that the cosmetics market is booming like never before. This is an obsession that’s here to stay! And until the whole frenzy lasts, it’s raining big bucks for the fashion fraternity!

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