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Aeromaniacs6th march 2009: Students of Aeronautical and mechanical engineering department had the first program lined up on Friday of their technical association for the year 2009 with a seminar program.

The program started at 1000 hrs in the seminar hall with the Principal Dr. Talla Siva Prasad and Administrative Officer Retd Col Sita Rama Rao as guests and the Head of Department – Mechanical Engineering Dr. Veeraju and Head of Department – Aeronautical Engineering Mr. T Prasad were among the other dignitaries to be present for the inauguration ceremony. Following the age old tradition of remembering the almighty, Bhargava a student of Aeronautical Engineering 2nd year sang a prayer in the praise of the lord.

The principal started the day off with his speech in which he largely mentioned his views on Aeronautics, Mechanics and told how there are related and still stand different, which really confused everyone in the audiences, as he continued with his words of wisdom the students who appeared rather tired at the very beginning of his speech started get impatient as he concluded promptly after looking at the response he was getting from the crowd, in the end he spoke about helping the students in any academic endeavors they take part in.

Next in pipe was a short and apt speech by the Administrative Officer who spoke of all the events conducted successfully by the Aeromaniacs, there trip to Air Force Station Hakimpet, the college fest conducted last year RENAISSANCE-08, he appreciated the efforts of the 3rd years to make a difference by conducting timely programs round the year, his speech was largely applauded by the students of 3rd year who seemed to be all ears for the praise they heard about themselves. As Mr. Veeraju stepped on to the podium he was cheered by thunderous claps and whistles and what not!!! It was his first address to the Aero and Mech students combined and the students loved it as it was one involving loads of interaction with the students, he left in quite a jiffy after he concluded his talk with the students.

Calm audience, wonder why?? Credit: Dynamic Warrior

Calm audience, wonder why?? Credit: Dynamic Warrior

Last in line to speak were Head of Department of Aeronautical Engineering Mr. T Prasad who came with a list of things to talk on, though at first he received a great applause from his students who were behind the organizing and arrangements of the events, later as the speech grew more lengthy and cumbersome with his talks on likes of FAST (Forum of Aero Space Technocrat) well then he seemed to have sensed the concern of shortening his speech and swiftly ended it too.

The session of speeches was over and the first student to go ahead with seminars was Ketan Chawda from mechanical 1st year who literally too out his frustration on the JNTU’s changed syllabus , examination pattern and he was acting like the true voice of the students, he became the favorite of the crowd right from the very same moment.

The turn of events took a bad twist as power supply played the spoilsport, luckily Manish Agarwal whose seminar was next had a great audibility level sans the mike and thus he managed to keep the students and staff alert to his seminar on Alternate Fuel for aviation industry.

To keep the crowd pepped up a senior student Parthasarthy from 3rd year addressed the gathering and spoke about the importance of creating and maintain an online forum sharing thoughts and expressing each others idea.
Time passes and seminars continued and to the surprise of many students and even the lecturers the power cut was wonderfully enjoyed by all as this time witnessed many seminars on off beat topics of seminars not even closely related to Aeronautics and Mechanics like few being on Communication Skills, English as Lingua Franca, etc.

All this while the audiences were kept entertained by the witty anchors of the program Prtiam Gaurav and Avantika who managed to keep the spirit high with their presence of mind to act according to the situation and run the show smoothly.

As the program was nearing its end the seminars grew more and more dreary and siesta caught its hold on many, so to ease the pressure on everyone and add some fun the Aeromaniacs had a surprise in store as Ganesh a 3rd year student started with a 15 min practical talk on Future Flight Designing which included a question and answer session which appeared to have waken the sleeping lot among the audience.

Oragnizers at work. Credit: Dynamic Warrior

Oragnizers at work. Credit: Dynamic Warrior

They say all is well that ends well but here at CMEC the saying didn’t quite go as it does, because as expected at the end of all the formal speeches and seminars few interesting but largely boring one’s the interaction session of the seniors and juniors quite didn’t materialize as the principal backed out of the favor of the organizers as he was not convinced enough for carrying out an interaction which seemed very surprising and odd for it has been approximately seven months since the juniors have come in and there hasn’t been a single interaction for the  students or any formal freshers for them.

In the very end the staff and the management praised the students for coming up with such activities and congratulated the participants for their partaking and the team Aeromaniacs for the whole event. The organizers were seen sharing a laugh after the event and gleamed with happiness as yet another event was successfully completed without many glitches of we exclude the power cut and the removal of Interaction session as a Glitch.  Whereas the participants were satisfied and many of them were rather elated to be have done with their first ever stage act and they profoundly thanked there seniors and staff member for giving them this prospect of show casing there talent. It truly was a show case of team spirit and great co ordination.

Kudos to the “Aeromaniacs” people who really are crazy about Aeronautics.

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