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EuphoriaEuphoria has been defined as, “An excited and heightened state of happiness”. That certainly seems to be the intent when Vasavi College of Engineering hosts it’s much anticipated cultural fest Euphoria. Euphoria is one of the first inter college fests and has the distinction of being hosted every year since it’s’ inception. Boasting of performances by Palash Sen’s Euphoria, Raghu Dixit Project, Jay Sean and Veronica and the likes, Euphoria is arguable one of the most eagerly awaited cultural fest among the student community. Despite the economic recession setting in and the lethargy on the part of the sponsors this year’s Euphoria seems to have defied the odds. Euphoria ’09 was decided to be a tribute to A.R Rahman for his Oscar win.

Euphoria for most part of its long and eventful history has been a 4 day event. Now the spawning of Euphoria can always be characterized by the increase in the hum drum of activities and more than the usual number of bunking their classes and making their presence felt in the brain storming nerve centre the Kaos Corner. Euphoria ’09 was officially declared open on the 5th of February. Abhinay, the college’s theatrical group had its’ students gyrating to various foot tapping, soul charming numbers. These dance performance just as exhilarating as they were energetic. This was soon followed by musical performances by the in-house college band 9 Days. Although the initial song of “Socha Hai” from “Rock On” promised great things the performance just fizzled out as it could be observed by the thinning out of the crowd.

As we all know on most days we students would be caught only dead if we were found to be wearing traditional clothes. To generate pride in our rich Indian tradition the intra-college Traditional day has been introduced. This year it was held on the 25th of February. Guys wore garbs ranging from the plain Kurta Pyjama to the Telugu Dhoti Pancha to the flamboyant Sherwanis. Gals on the other hand painted the college with colours more in number than the rainbow with their chudidars, langa voni and Sarees. But then what fun is a traditional day when all you have to do is wear traditional clothes. Various events like All-You-Can-Eat Gol Guppa competition and Antakshari were held. The event was finally capped off with an hour and a half of Dhandiya at the college quadrangle.

Performance by the visually challenged Girl. Credit: Razor Rite

Performance by the visually challenged Girl. Credit: Razor Rite

The next day was held on 6th March. The day had performances by Abhinay from 2pm to 4:30 pm in the afternoon. It also had a play spoofing the continuing attempts of film makers to remake Sholay. The crowd fell in love with the witty and shrewd Assistant, ‘Gay’bar and Be’Sexy’ and couldn’t help but laugh. However the poor logistics played spoil sport to the play with more than necessary long pauses. Now Euphoria is not just fun and games for students but also a gesture to show that we as students are responsible citizens. A proud tradition started last year Abhinay had a special dance performance by visually challenged girl-A true testament to the fact that nothing is impossible as long as you have the courage. The night was however a different affair. It was a night dedicated to the pure ecstasy of metal bands, head banging and mosh fights. Unlike last year however the Rock Nite was only restricted to Battle of the Bands. But then this too could not dampen the spirits of the hard core fans present as they were thoroughly entertained into the darkness of late night.

The following day was again bevy of performances by Abhinay. The highly awaited Telugu play was also being enacted. Apart from the theme ballet the Telugu plays have always been the toast of Abhinay due their witty plots and mass appeal. This time the play revolved over the moronic struggle during our intermediate college days, spoofs of the scene from Happy Days with the placement officer from Microsoft and a popular Telugu show Aata. Abhinay capped off this evening’s performance with a theme dance keeping the theme of Euphoria ’09-A tribute to A.R. Rahman- in mind. Later on there was prize distribution for all the winners of the intra college sports meet. However as evening fell you could feel the impatience building. The anticipation was high already without the need for any drum rolls. The anxiety was so thick you could cut it with a knife. The eager wait was for the performance by noted Percussionist and close friend of A.R Rahman, Sivamani. And he did meet the crowd’s expectations. He belted out beats that induced trance and joy alike. The whole atmosphere had become dusty with members of the audience matching his beats. The only complaint as one student put it was that Sivamani hardly interacted with the audience-something most people come to expect from live performances. Before this performance there were rumours doing rounds of A.R. Rahman giving a video or telephone conference all of which were by now obviously untrue. The only glimpse anyone could get of Rahman was a clipping of him receiving his Oscar. Great Expectations……..

Kriti-Arts Exhibition. Credit: Razor Rite

Kriti-Arts Exhibition. Credit: Razor Rite

The final day was marked for giving away special awards for academic achievers of the previous year. The winners were showered with accolades and more than enticing gold trophies and cash awards. The chief guest IPS officer Mr. Damodar gave an anecdote filled speech on the current economic recession and measures to deal with it. He emphasized students to rise above their peers and set new standards for the world through acts of hard work and innovation. The evening was followed with the Theme Ballet. The Theme Ballet is another sought after performance during Euphoria. This time the Theme ballet was conceived in record 4 days by an alumnus of Vasavi College of Engineering Nitin. The theme highlighted the overtaking of western influences over traditional dancing form in various fields of life and cinema in India. The evening also had an encore performance of the theme dance. The evening was wrapped up with a video of the making of Euphoria titled Half Life. It later had performance by 9 days which unfortunately once again bombed and had crowds disappearing in faster numbers than on the official opening of Euphoria.

Apart from the loud noise of concerts Euphoria also has its subtleties and beauty of the quite nature. This expression of quite passion was in the form of Kriti-the arts exhibition. Often we can be forgiven to think that the rigours of intermediate education can destroy any semblance of a life and talent apart from academics. But year after year, through Kriti, a particular group of Vasavians prove themselves to be an extremely deft with the paint brush, paints and handicrafts as well. This year Kriti, held in the quadrangle of the Vishveshvaraya block, was setup by the students themselves and included stalls for temporary tattoos as told to me by Kriti organizer Susheel(4/4 Mechanical). This along with giving away the proceeds to charitable organizations like Spoorti and Lakshyasadhana allows Kriti to be a major contributor to the success of every year’s Euphoria.

Euphoria also had many stalls including tumble the pyramid and had the return of the ever popular lucky 7 stall. However this time the food stalls were a lot disappointing. With the absence of Ohris the much needed element of good food was missing. The food present was over priced for its quality and many students gave it a pass in fear of it burning a hole in their pockets.

A performance by Abhinay. Credit: Razor Rite

A performance by Abhinay. Credit: Razor Rite

All in all the Euphoria manages to be a hit among city college youth. Despite a financial crunch this year, students went the extra mile to add zing to it. One of Euphoria’s Convener Gangadhar (ECE 4/4), also took up the commendable role of compeering for the stage events seems to have put in a great deal of stress on Abhinay as the hallmark of this year’s Euphoria. And going by the crowd’s response, his bet has paid off a good deal. Euphoria ’09 might have had a mixed response. No one cares if you like it or not, but this Euphoria was different in the most special way. Euphoria ’09 despite its theme was not a tribute to A.R Rahman. It was but a testament to what Vasavians can accomplish in spite of overwhelming odds of cash crunch. It is a Euphoria not studded by Pop idols but by in grown talent. This Euphoria was essentially a tribute to the hard work put in by students and organizers of Euphoria, particularly of Abhinay and Kriti.

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