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CVRAmidst the sunshine and few drops of rain, an event of dhol, dance, drums, dhamaka, zeal and fervor, where individual talent bloomed, mind replenished, and soul encored with serenity. Dreams glittered to a new era in CVR, on a special moment of college life as these events turned into a remarkable one “The College Day Function”, held with a lot of glitz and glamour. Every performance mesmerized the audience and exalted them to a great deal of joy and merriment. The day began with the rendition of a prayer song and a welcome dance, followed by three hours of non-stop fun and entertainment.

A “Smooth Criminal” started the show and he was indeed dangerous. A mimicry group captured the audience with their perfect imitation Dr.YSR and his many schemes like Indiramma rajyam and Rajeev pallebata and nagarabata, followed by the very generous “Television” act by Nara Chandrababu Naidu and of course the khandhan of telugu film industry, the Nandamuri family with the head of the family Balaaaaaa Krishnaaaaaaa to Jr NTR and every other person sharing the family name and their supposedly active involvement in politics for a “better Telugu state”(must’ve read in your SMS’s), poor KCR and his dream of a separate Telangana also wasn’t spared. This was followed by a group dance by girls….. it was more of a “Girlfriend” show and they were so close, that they couldn’t leave their partners even off-stage. ”Love mera hit hit….hit hit” was a definite hit with the students and “chance milthe hi” dancers “lagethe dance pe”. “Maa da ladla” indeed “ bigad gaya tha”, a very humorous “Dostana” act.


One of the bands. Credit: Deccan Tifosi

Perfect “konnections” were made with the audience, well, the dancers also killed them with “mar jaani………mar jaani” and “co….co…..college styleee” was at its best and everybody was “star……star mega star….star” in their own right. Excitement was at feverish pitch and hearts raced and danced to the tunes of “dhoom” and “crazy kiya re” . All the girls were floored by(rather they were on the bench cheering) the “Bachna aae Haseeno” dance. The voice of the anchors was lost in rapturous enjoyment by the crowd who were bench banging and shouting to support the performances on stage. When all this was happening the management was concerned with the benches(ha ha ha :D :P pity them!!) and they wanted some order in the auditorium but in vain. The management ordered the masses to be seated but it was met with boo’s and the frustration among them was seen and heard when quite a lot of(!@$%$%# ,*&&*^) expletives flew from everywhere.

The students then left the auditorium to have lunch provided by the management and some of the unlucky people( let’s say lucky) found that there were no plates and if there were plates there was no food. After the lunch, were performances by two bands from their very own college. ” Magik” was recreated with their rock act(Rock On!!)  and “Retro Fusion” infused life into the high octane enjoyment by the crowd and they egged on for some more songs but the management put a deaf ear to their pleas and restricted the bands to only a song or two and the reason cited was time constraints. Some of the professors seated in the front rows clutched their ears when the bands were belting out raucous songs. This was the last of the cultural programs and no sooner did it get over, there was a sudden void in the auditorium and not a trace of a single student inside it, the reason being the boring formal college day function involving the performances of the dignitaries on stage.

Audience. Credit: Deccan Tifosi

Audience. Credit: Deccan Tifosi

The formal function finally began with another prayer song and another welcome dance routine and the chief guest Dr E.Sai Baba Reddy was invited onto the dais along with the management. The annual report was presented by the principal Dr.A.D.Raj Kumar who asked the students to strive for further excellence. The Director, Dr C.V.Raghava praised all the participants for their performances and urged everyone out there to “exercise your vote in the general elections” and he had a piece of advice for the students “drive carefully, I don’t want to see our students name in the news (in the wake of a recent accident involving four fatalities among 6 students from CVSR college)” and his message can be shortened to “invest in yourself during bad times, so you can be good in better times.”  This was followed by the prize distribution to all the meritorious students and the winners in all the sports competitions throughout the year. The final year students were also given a farewell by the management as part of the college day function.

The organizers were very happy with the function and they felt the event was organized well and the response was incredible. The audience felt the acoustics in the auditorium were much better than last year and this added to their fun and frolic. Memoirs from some of the final year students “most memorable days of my life” Spoorthi 4th year EIE, “Marvelous joy ride during my 4 years here, good friends, excellent infrastructure and supporting faculty” Prabhu 4th year EEE.

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