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M P Sampath ReddyNalla Malla Reddy Engineering College should have been the talk of the town for all the amount of dirty mischief that is happening around there, but thanks to the opaque faced management and their capabilities, not many got to know what! There have been many unheard pleas, against harassment of students at the college with the excuse of ‘molding them into the right citizens’; verbal abuse and mental torture were commonplace. This is not the story of a day or two, it is a long suffered misery of students in Nalla Malla Reddy Engineering College, a lengthy saga of the bad times that students in Hyderabad are facing, in spite of having some of the sharpest brains and skill sets. If anyone wondered what is pulling students back from reaching the apex of knowledge and being successful in their fields of study we must agree it is dread of colleges like these and their so-called-management members that scare young hearts away from studies.

It was the issue of a girl student being bashed unmercifully by Mr. Sampath Reddy, the Director that shattered the last bit of patience that was left in students. The student had joined NMREC for a course and had wanted to shift to another college after second counseling. She had already paid an amount of 20,000 towards the college admission fees. She had come to collect her certificates so as to be able to apply at another college, for which she was refused repeatedly many times and was guided to the Director. The director, in his ever-swelling arrogance straight away refused to return her certificates until she paid the fees for the whole year, which amounted to more than one lakh rupees. The student was infuriated when her requests and pleas were not listened to and demanded for them sternly. And what she got in reply was disastrous and shocking. She was verbally mistreated, punched and kicked by the director. He also threatened to rape her and said, “How would you help yourself, if I do?” This was the collapse point, he had crossed all limits.

As if this weren’t enough for his bad reputation he also got himself involved in a ragging case. Yes, the Director involved in ragging. Allegedly, he had encouraged a group of second years and fourth years to beat up first years and assured them clean chit. Three first year students were badly bruised and battered by second years that were assumed-chelas of the director. And, they got away with it! It is our calculation that he had some ulterior motive behind this act than just frightening his students. Then came the fateful day when he had to have enough of everything. Incidentally and unfortunately for him, the girl ill-treated by him got immense timely help and support from Human Rights Organization, PDSU and the students of NMREC itself. Students of NMREC got their chance to shout against their longtime foe. They openly supported the movement. “We revolted with all our hatred. Most of us were victims of his abuse; we were waiting for the right chance. Classes were abandoned and protests were on the roll. We demanded that the director resigns and says an apology to the girl. We were supported by most student organizations including SFI and PDSU,” said a student participant of the protest. He preferred his name not be disclosed, for obvious security reasons.


Mr. Sampath is known to have been a Telangana Rashtra Samiti (TRS Party) supporter and has brought in the issue of having uniforms for college students in NMREC as a party-promotional stride. The Uniform Code was Pink shirts and Black pants, pink being a symbolic color of the TRS party. He is also infamous for the exceedingly high amounts of money he collects against attendance fees, where students cannot even protest. It was heard that he actually insulted many a student publicly to show off his own hauteur. “Students in these four years should be treated like laborers, that is when they get to fall on the right track and would lead a good life,” his words, to parents of students. He, like any other college lecturer still claims to be, “… doing all this for the good of the students. After all I don’t hold any personal grudges against you all! …” “Well of course, to threaten to rape a young girl must indeed be for her good. What does he think we are? Dumb-heads that would get affected by his political speeches?” remarks sarcastically a parent of another girl student of NMREC.

After this incident came to our notice, we at VidYouth found more about Sampath Reddy and his behaviour in the past. Sampath Reddy has a past of intimidating students on various grounds. In the beginning of the academic year 2006 – ‘07, a student by the name Mallapuram Hanumanth Reddy was punished by Sampath Reddy to sit on a stool for one whole day for expressing his unhappiness on holding the students back in college without any classes being conducted. Inspite of being an educated person his behaviour towards students was very inappropriate and unwelcome. Also, he verbally abuses fellow lecturers, but has been able to get away with it for he is the son-in-law of Nalla Malla Reddy. (married to Mrs. Sneha, second daughter). He is an “illarikam” son-in-law (or “Ghar Jamai”) of Nalla Malla Reddy. On a cursory note, there was an incident where his wife openly abused him verbally in front of the students.

It took the student groups 3 long days to bring the movement to a successful halt with Mr. Sampath being expelled from office on 24th February. It was the students’ might and strength that lead to the downfall of a criminal in the unbefitting position of an architect of youngster’s future. Inspite of his expulsion, his credentials have not been removed from their website yet. At least from now on, it should be taken care of that College Managements are not comprised of narrow-minded, politically influenced arrogant people. We need more virtuous role models who can be adored and followed. We need better men to lead the youth than a person who persuades only by force. We need men who would lead us to a brighter world with mutual trust and happiness. Above all, we need the elder generation of respectable learned men to understand young minds as grownups rather than looking down-upon us, all because we aren’t as old as they are. What if we are not 60 years old? We are still thoughtful young men and women, capable in intellect, information and physical strength. We have the voice, only we need ears to listen to them and brain to accept facts as facts. Our generation is very fortunate to be blessed with access to an immense amount of information of every kind. Likewise, we are aware of the huge mass of responsibility and stress that builds upon us from a very young age. We have to face a more competitive world than our elders have faced. We need to get more skillful than our parents ever needed to, and we are ready for it. Now, it is time for the elder generation to get ready for it as well. In the case that they are not, a renaissance is bound to arise.

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  1. tejesh says:

    i heard that wat all u have posted is the wrong thing

  2. Administrator says:

    At VidYouth we take very serious note of inaccurate statements. If you believe we have posted something inaccurate, please send us further details so that we can correct the mistakes in the article. Also please provide the specific places where the inaccuracies are.

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