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Nirvana ‘09

By Surreal Gaze On March - 31 - 2009 ADD COMMENTS

The dictionary defines Nirvana as, “beatitude attained by extinction of individuality.” All the animate creatures who witnessed the proceedings of Nirvana ’09, the annual cultural fest of Mahatma Gandhi Institute of Technology (MGIT), Gandipet on the 4th, 5th and 6th of March, 2009 would claim to have attained it, albeit in a different sense. Spread over a span of 3 days, Nirvana stands out among the hundreds of stereotypical fests in the state for its uniqueness, innovative themes, novel conceptualization and of course, planned execution of the assimilated ideas.

There is this uncanny knack among human beings to toil to succeed, to strive to excel, to push themselves to the limit. The organizers of Nirvana ’09 weren’t uncommon. No stone was left unturned in ensuring the success of this cultural extravaganza as brains racked hard to dish out an out-of-the-ordinary event. After all, which engineering college can boast of hosting a short film-making competition, an acting competition, a visual effects workshop- all these coupled by an extremely entertaining gala nite featuring some of the best rock bands as “Mother Jane”, “Junkyard Grooves” for which the entry is free! Seriously, tell me a better way of attaining Nirvana.

Nirvana’s been getting better and bigger over the years. Right from its inception in 2004, big names as ‘ZERO,’ ‘PDV,’ the Pakistani band ‘Strings,’ the Hindi rock band ‘Prayag’ and most recently, Pritam and his band ‘METRO’ performed in MGIT, thanks to the efforts of Team Nirvana. With an estimated budget of 20 lakh rupees, Nirvana ’09 is the biggest of all; yet, the organizers say the best is yet to come!

The awe-inspiring array of events included “The Live Jive”- dance competition in all categories (solo, duet and group). The preliminary round was held on the 2nd day and the final round on the 3rd day. “We’re here to cheer for our friend, Ashwin,” yelled the students of CSE, MGIT. The performances sent the spectators screaming and the audience craved for more. The final round was a runaway hit, with a mammoth total of 500 spectators and with interesting categories like the ‘property round’ and ‘theme-based round’. The judges for the event were professional choreographers who briefed the aspirants on the nuances of dancing.

The pick of the events was, undoubtedly, ‘Court-metrage.’ If you knew French, you already knew what I was talking about. The Short Film Making Competition called on the participants to showcase their short films, shot on any subject. Each film was restricted to a duration of 10 minutes and these ‘films’ were judged by renowned personalities from the film industry. The icing on the cake was the winning entry being screened on the main stage during the gala nite before the celebrity performance in front of a crowd of 4000 people! Truly amazing!

Innovation found a new meaning in Nirvana’s diaries as two impeccable events- ‘Slam Dunk’ and ‘Super Six’ were conceived. Slam dunk, being the fast-forwarded version of ordinary basketball with more players, lesser time and fewer restrictions. Super six redefined cricket in a new avatar as the overs got reduced to six per team. Inspired by the T20 format, Super six found many takers as there were no restrictions on the number of teams per college. Both these events were held on all the 3 days in the college premises.

Budding actors found a way to express themselves at ‘PROTOSTAR’- the acting competition of MGIT. Here, the participants were judged upon their versatility, stage presence and acting skills by renowned film actor, Real Star Srihari. The preliminary round was held on the 1st day and the final round on the 3rd day. Another event that kept the participants on tenterhooks was ‘Treasure Hunt’- the winner takes all contest covering a mammoth radius of 15 km and centered in the college. The participation for this event soared with an estimated 500 people taking part in 125 cars.

Are you an avid fan of the famous program on MTV, ‘Roadies’? Have you always wanted to have a go at it? Well, Nirvana is the place to head for. Included in Nirvana ’08, Roadies found many takers this year too with many an idler wandering into the torture chamber. The participants were selected to go to the next level after being grilled by a witty and obnoxious panel. “Bheja fry ho gaya yaar!” exclaimed Arjun, one of the finalists. The participants for this event were auditioned during the last week of February in the college campus and Katriya hotel in Somajiguda, while the event was held on the 3 days in MGIT and Treasure Island, Gandipet.

Underlining the magnanimity of Nirvana ’09, a ‘VJ Hunt’ was conducted in collaboration with Maa TV. This competition consisted of 3 rounds and the judge for the final round was eminent anchor, Suma. The prize- hold your breath, Maa TV awarded a 1 year contract to the find that won the hunt on Maa Music!

For the first time in Hyderabad and second time in India, ‘Rhythm and Hues’- an Academy Award winning film production studio specializing in visual effects and computer animation held a workshop on vfx and computer graphics in the college premises. “I totally loved it. To have rhythm and Hues coming over is just fabulous,” said Kashyap, one of the conveners for Nirvana ’09. A ‘Robotics workshop’ was also held where the basic principles of Robotics were taught. Enthusiastic learners thronged the workshop that was both informative and imploring.

A total of 82 papers were selected for the technical paper presentation event, held on the sidelines of Nirvana. Apart from these, spot events such as Debate, Extempore, JAM, Potpourri, Collage, Painting and Rangoli kept the participants engaged and added to the colorful diaspora of Nirvana ’09.

On March 6th, 2009, as the clock struck 8 in the evening, every sane mortal in MGIT forced their brains shut, freed their souls and sought ultimate bliss, in other words- Nirvana. Not a being complained as ‘Mother Jane,’ the famous rock band took total control and played into the night. “Wow! The best part is we’re even getting Red Bull for free,” chuckled Vipul Mehta, an MGIT student. The crowd did what they’re best at- yelling! The curtains for Nirvana ’09 came down at about 11 in the night, marking the end of a festival that is, in more ways than one, a path-breaker, a trend-setter. However, the organizers felt they could have evoked an even better response with enhanced publicity, rather with superior funding and sponsorship.

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