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How would we react if we come across someone who talks about building aircraft components?

Surprising as it seems, five students of Malla Reddy Group of institutions just finished there mini project working with EQIC dies and castings industry situated at Jeedimetla and what are they trying to work on exactly !!! Well, they developed a composite material on their own at the EQIC industry before which they came up with a plan to make a die to prepare that new material, complicated as it may sound. The team comprising of 4 students from CMEC viz. Ganesh, Aravind, Prassana, Uma all from 3rd year aero and one student of MRCET Vamshidhar Reddy 4th year aero student. Composite material is made up of several alloy substances and in this case the major constituents being epoxy resin and hardener of glass fiber. Wondering why all this was done, yes of course these young engineers were on there way to develop a “Air Borne Radom” in simpler words we could put it as the nose cone of an aircraft which experiences enormous amount of fatigue/ stresses under high temperatures and forces.

To guide the team UNITED as they fancy calling themselves, because they were working on developing a composite material in strong bonding fiber technology and even because it was a combined effort of two different colleges. As students of PRRM college also were carrying out a similar based project with different goal and objectives, on this new path of experimentation they had there mentor Mr. Shankar Rao who has above 15 years of experience in DRDO (Defense Research Development Organization) to assist them with technical issues regarding the science behind composite substances.

The team UNITED thanked there project guide Mr. Shankar Rao for his immense guidance in there project as he seemed more than interested in teaching the young minds about the concepts of composite substances and the preparation technology, many Mechanical and Aeronautical engineers study Production technology or Manufacturing process as a part of there curriculum, but as the team UNITED proves its mettle by being the only one to come up  with a different idea of putting to practice the knowledge they have learnt in there classes. The project started when they contacted EQIC dies and castings industry to prepare a die to cast there new composite material into, thus the intricate process began on 23/02/09 when the team started the process to manufacture the required die, going in little amount of details, 16 layers of glass fiber were hydraulically compressed with weights ranging from 5 to 20 tonnes for a duration of 4 hours varying the amount of load at regular interval of time, this process was carried out at temperature of 120-160  degree centigrade.

One of the process in the production of the new epoxy resin used at a temperature of 40 degree centigrade and hardener which works at 60 degree centigrade, were used to develop glass fiber based material composite which involved the team to work non stop, as quoted by Ganesh they started there work on 14/03 at 5pm and went ahead non stop till 11am next day on 15/03, it was said that this particular phase required constant supervision and thus they were awake and carried out the process under their supervision. The final output of the whole process was a 30 X 30 cm sample plates of new  material which stood 4mm high, the proud faces of the students still showed sign of concern as there were tests to be carried out on this new material.

Testing ranged from the simple tensile tests to the complicated torsional, bending and shearing tests. These were primarily carried to check for any anomalies in the material or irregularities in the structural composition of the fiber. They say everything comes for a price and so did this wonderful effort of creating a new composite material. The team incurred a total cost of Rs 50000/- including the procurement of the material, production cost, transportation, labour and all other miscellaneous expenditure included. These students are determined to change the current day trends set in the materials and composites industries. The new material is surely set to create a difference by itself and they are sure of theirfuture success as they plan to go ahead and invent some more.

Applauds to such a team of motivated and liberal minds to plan and produce new materials, withapplications ranging from aerospace, automobiles, marine architecture, to aeronautics.

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