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“Hey fat guy! Come here and dance on zara zara touch me, just the way Katrina does!”, “Do what I say, you are a bloody junior!”, “Bend on your knees and sit for an hour. One jerk and I’ll kick on your willy!”, “Hey smart girl, go propose that loser over there.”  These are just the initial scenes of the episodes of what the seniors call ‘interaction’ in colleges. They refuse to call it ragging since they think the word is offensive. For them all this is just a way to have a fun filled rendezvous with their juniors. But lately this way of having fun has become pretty advanced. Schools have been secretly

Credit: http://janagama.com/images/stopragging/objectives.jpg

Credit: http://janagama.com/images/stopragging/objectives.jpg

practicing ragging. Many students from the famous Delhi Public School in New delhi have been booked against ragging. One such school in Hyderabad whose practices haven’t been disclosed yet is The Hyderabad Public School, Begumpet.

Kids of the 7th,8th and 9th grades are generally ragged by the boys of 12th grade. Apparently, they are called to the parking lot of the school or the dining hall or areas near by it. This is where chiefly the general ragging takes place. The boys are asked to sing and dance on the stones at the parking lot, or are ordered to remove their shirts and run. The seniors shout at them or even sometimes curse to make the juniors do what they are asked to. Akhilesh, a 10th grade student says, “ They asked me to dance and say a Chiranjeevi dialogue on a huge stone at the parking lot. I pleaded them to spare the dancing part, but I had to say the dialogue. They wouldn’t leave me. I was embarassed.”  Avaneesh says “I was called to the dining hall during a free period and asked to kneel down in the sun with my hands raised up for three hours. I had to do it. They kept shouting at me. I was too scared to complain.”

The humiliation is sometimes over the board when the kids are ragged at the famous ‘Rock Gardens’ in their school. The Rock Gardens is a place where students are secretly ragged, humiliated and is also a place to hide and bunk classes. Students often go there to drink. The children getting ragged are occasionally asked to go topless, stand against a tree and do the humping action. In other cases two guys are asked to remove their shirts where one has to kneel down and the other has to stand facing the first boy. Both are asked to move forwards. They even ask the boys to give each other ‘Goodbye Kisses’.

Ragging has been considered a serious offense and illegal by the government. But what they don’t know is that students in schools are getting influenced by it to a great extent which has plausibly not come into the eyes of the media as much yet. Recently a medical student from Guragon was ragged to death. If a grown up like him couldn’t condone the effects of

Students from HPS, Begumpet Credit: Silent Screamer

Students from HPS, Begumpet Credit: Silent Screamer

ragging, imagine what the school kids must be going through. Sridhar, a X standard student from a private school in Tambaram lost his left hand and the sense of hearing in one ear due to ragging in his school. He narrates his story  “That day (March 6) I left for school in the afternoon. I did not want to go to school by cycle, since I was afraid my tyres would be deflated. So I parked the cycle in the railway station’s cycle stand and came to the platform. Feroz Khan, a +1 student, and 2 other boys also came there. Feroz Khan asked me what happened to my cycle. I told him I left it at home. He snatched my school bag and threw it inside a moving train. I ran to retrieve it. Feroz Khan and the other two boys also boarded the train. They made me sit near the window and kept taunting me. I got up from there and stood near the doorway. Feroz Khan followed me and hit me on my face and stomach. When I started yelling, unable to bear the pain, they pushed me out of the train. I fell down, near the Sanatorium. I was conscious after I fell down. I got up and started walking slowly. I immediately realised that my one hand was missing. Looking for help, I reached the Sanatorium railway station and gave my telephone number to the people who were there. I do not know what happened next. I regained consciousness only in Stanley Hospital. I have lost one hand; I have also become deaf in one year,” says Sridhar, sobbing uncontrollably.

Before you decide whether you are for or against ragging, we have to accept that there will always be raggers in the society, be it in schools or colleges or bus stations. Some feel that ragging is a form of misandry since it affects boys more severely.Ragging is different from other crimes because it is meant to derive perverse pleasure.

To check out the video of the exclusive HPS ragging, copy paste the following link on your server:


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