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It is that time of the year students dread most, yesss “EXAMS”. The problem is, it comes twice every academic year (two semesters) and thankfully not more than twice for engineering students, well because there are trimester exams too, which means you are fretting thrice (phew! It is a lot more disturbing and lots of mental agitation one wouldn’t want to face). “External exams” or “Externals”, that’s the word on everybody’s lips now, people have already started mediating with their books (We presume that at least the so called toppers have started studying). There’s still time for the rest (yeah that’s what they think of themselves and rightly so, but they just manage to pass… “Time undi mama” is what they say).

What are the accoutrements required to tackle the demon “externals”???  Knowledge??? Books???    They are paramount, but most importantly you should have “A Mighty Heart” (“psst psst: It’s a PJ” No distractions from the task ahead of reading for your exams, you might get tempted to watch that

The messed up study table! Credit: Credit: http://weblogs.ryerson.ca/roller/siac/resource/SIACblog_FallExams_Dec22008.jpg

The messed up study table! Credit: Credit: http://weblogs.ryerson.ca/roller/siac/resource/SIACblog_FallExams_Dec22008.jpg

movie… Errrr what… “A Mighty Heart” remember “Angelina Jolie” portraying “Daniel Pearl’s wife”, drama movie though) okay enough PJs… we will quash all the distractions, so let’s say you should have a brave heart and be courageous enough to face the blatant truth that you have enjoyed all through the semester (We don’t have to tell you coz we think you’ve already realized it). It’s time to get rid of the dust from that desk of yours! You might be thinking we are giving some ludicrous suggestions and beating around the bush rather than just getting to the fact that you have to study to face your examinations. Well, we are more interested in creating the ambience first to make sure that you will study [“another PJ”]. We hope you are blithely cheerful at the end of these two paragraphs of non sense advice about ambience and distractions and PJ’s and what not except studying.

In that cheerful mood, open your syllabus book first and get to know that you have six subjects and eight units in each one of them and that you have to study a minimum of five units to make sure that you will not have your heart in your mouth or a palpitating heart whenever you are reminded about the term “RESULTS”… Oh yeah!!! This is another dreadful moment for all the students… so that makes four most dreaded moments every year in an engineering students life. So, now that you know what to study and what to leave out, prepare a schedule strictly for yourself. If you are still confused about reading what and skipping out what, take the advice of your friends or toppers. Chalk out your plan according to what you know and how much you know about every subject and keep reminding yourself that you have to study otherwise there will be (“Wanted, Mighty heart, Pink Panther and the most recent Fast and Furious and the plethora of distractions available to lure you away and later your heart will be pounding when you hear RESULTS”).

The most important advice is you can do nothing, but study to scrape

Credit: http://3.bp.blogspot.com/_IY7CmWJmPL4/RkskHSfAN4I/AAAAAAAAARs/iyyT4fKdn-A/s400/exams.gif

Credit: http://3.bp.blogspot.com/_IY7CmWJmPL4/RkskHSfAN4I/AAAAAAAAARs/iyyT4fKdn-A/s400/exams.gif

through your examinations unless of course you want to use illegitimate means, but then again you have to prepare for the illegal means too. If you want to cheat in your examinations, be wary of prying eyes that will look to kick you out of the examination hall or they will harass you mentally and assault you publicly (izzat ka sawal hain) unless you leave the room. If you are encountering a psycho invigilator then it means you are doomed, so instead of soaking up so much sweat in the hall and to avoid the blood boiling inside, you better make ready every means before the examination and look to finish reading so that you will be able to get the most precious” 40 marks” of your life. If you have heeded to all the suggestions till now, coupled with you making efforts to studying your subjects, then you are making sure that you will be getting forty marks {(28 minimum in external and 12 or above in internal), [like you people didn’t know]} in every subject you write, again it’s entirely up to you how you write the exam…. By exam I mean “JNTU EXAMINATION” the most unpredictable examinations in the whole world. Name an emotion and you can associate it with regards to writing a JNTU exam.

The examinations have been postponed by a week, so indulge yourself in getting every available material possible… not required actually. Have the ever available “all in one” to increase your self-confidence and rely on the text books… “TEXT BOOKS” true, you get everything there, but then for the last minute hurried reference use the sometimes (coz they have errors) trustworthy “spectrum all in one”

P.S: It’s good to relax yourself by reading articles like these, do advise your peers to join as well and have fun reading and enjoying but don’t forget to get back to studying. HAPPY EXAMINATION SEASON to all ye people out there.

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