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The logo of Awaaz. Credit: Dynamic Warrior

The logo of Awaaz. Credit: Dynamic Warrior

We say we are fed up of the system, had enough of all the problems around us, we cry for a change, but that’s all most of us do. But unlike most of us who grumble and whine, few people among us took pledge to stop complaining and work towards a change in the society in any way possible.

The brainchild of two youngsters, Kanchan Agarwal and Gaurav Kaushal, “AWAAZ” – a non profit oriented youth organization.It started on January 16th 2008, with a mission to do social welfare, asking the founder, the prime objective and goal behind opening a youth organization, we got a prompt reply from Kanchan, “At first we thought of joining other NGO’s and helping the needy, but an idea struck us, why don’t we start one of our own organization which has no restriction on limitng oneself to type of social service to be done”, elaborating on the same point she continued, “ we had a survey from which we found 80% of the NGO’s work on a single problem in society; say orphanages, child labour, women empowerment etc. At this point we felt to initiate a program to join like minded people together and go ahead and start paying back the society its due.”

The first step which AWAAZ took as team was with about 10 members and it was RANG- a painting competition held in the parking lot of Mount Santoshi apartment at Begumpet on January 26th 2008, involving people from all age groups, professions and interests, the prime objective behind conducting the event was to encourage the spirit of unity and diversity, as the particaipants ranged from a Lower Kindergarten to professionals from UNESCO and the watchmen, dhobi, milkman  and many others coming ahead to work for the cause.

Rang-the painting competiton. Credit: Dynamic Warrior

Rang-the painting competiton. Credit: Dynamic Warrior

The motivation which the team gathered with project RANG propelled them further to move on with the Herculean task taken up by them to make a difference in the society. They went  ahead with there second project SATKARYA which involved going about to Old Age Homes in twin cities and spending quality time with the inmates.President of the organization, Gaurav Kaushal, commented on a very special incident close to his heart saying, “  It was our very first visit to an old age home and the first lady we met there who was in her early 60’s, told us, it was nearly 4-5 months that she had met any youngsters and that she was extremely happy to see young faces.Her words were enough appreciation for the work we were carrying out, and the smiles which we saw on their faces,  worked as our bonuses”

The team AWAAZ comprises completely of college going students. On asking, how they manage their studies and social service together.One of the member Ashok replied casually, “Just cut down on few bunks and outings, you save enough time and money to do social work”.Though the team agrees they function at a slower pace during the exam times, but as the team is made up of both engineering and regular graduation students, they manage their schedule very effectively.

At Brahmakumari Old age center. Credit: Dynamic Warrior

At Brahmakumari Old age center. Credit: Dynamic Warrior

AWAAZ has been associated with the spiritual cult of the Brahma Kumaris also, as they have been a part of their youth awakening workshops held at Gachibowli Peace retereat centre and also they have made regular visits to the Brahma Kumari’s Vrid Aashram located at Miyapur. The team was amazed by the high mental and physical levels of the inmates at the aashram and their constant strive to follow a strict routine to wake up at 4 o’clock in the morning, practice Raj Yoga meditation and go about with their daily chores.  Efforts were made from the teams side to implement such wonderful principles of self discipline in other old age homes they conituned visiting in the city.

The unique point of AWAAZ as told to us by Nivedita, the senior most and experienced member of AWAAZ, is that “We start up a project and keep working on it, we create a team and appoint a project coordinator, the work goes on and on, new teams are created to handle new project”

Some other projects being handled by AWAAZ : -

They recently had a tie up with “Prakriti” another NGO which handles around 20 schools under its supervision and required volunteers to monitor the functioning of these schools. Awaaz team was more than glad to help them out as they sent three teams to look into the working of these schools situated at Medchal, Kukatpally and Shamirpet.

Satkarya - The 2nd project of Awaaz. Credit: Dynamic Warrior

Satkarya - The 2nd project of Awaaz. Credit: Dynamic Warrior

On Women’s Day representatives from AWAAZ attended the conference in city on problems faced by women in and around the twin cities, questions were put forward by many people, but the solutions listed out were very few. As a response to the most severe problem faced by the women today i.e., Eve Teasin, AWAAZ has initiated a campaign against the eve teasers and in a way against all the people who do not contribute to its eradication- police, judicial bodies, government, etc, by conducting a survey which is currently being carried out by the members of AWAAZ and efforts to start a special Help line for the sufferer are on the planning table to take form. Debates, Talk shows and seminars are in line to be carried out in lieu of making the people aware about their rights and duties.

Now with an estimated total strength of 30 members and four projects to its credit. In the coming months,  AWAAZ plans to conduct trips to the villages and rural towns of Andhra Pradesh to create awareness among the people about the importance of education in their life, they feel the lack of awareness of the advantages and benefits of primary education secludes the rural sector from the main stream education policies. They feel, it is high time that everyone of us tries to get out of their shells  and make a change in others life, those who suffer and those who are in dire need of help.

Team Awaaz. Credit: Dynamic Warrior

Team Awaaz. Credit: Dynamic Warrior

Other plans which have started materializing are : donations of any possible stuff like, clothes, stationary, food etc. to orphanages, randomly picked up from the list of unfunded orphanages in the city, which are facing difficulty in managing the kids due to lack of funds.

Together they say :

“We SPEAK because we ACT and we act because we CARE.

True to their saying, this youth organization with a difference is leaving no stone unturned in their quest to change the society and creating a role model for all of us to inspire and carry out acts of social welfare.

“Today’s Youth Changing Tomorrow”

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