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They came, they stayed and they conquered. Or did they? Guess this is just another one of those questions that’ll never be truly answered. What are being referred to here are the final examinations conducted by Osmania University for the under-graduation courses offered by it: B.Com, B.A and B.Sc.

The examination time table was issued to the students after a lot of speculation about the dates. The exams were finally scheduled to begin from the 21st of March with the first and third years having exams on the same day and the second years having them on alternative days. The time table was drafted keeping in mind both the upcoming general elections and the new structure adopted by the University for its B.Com programme where in practical exams were to be conducted for most of the elective subjects for the first years. The exams were prolonged due to the many festivals that fell during the period.

The exams were a mixed bag with the regulars and computers’ students feeling that the papers weren’t very tough where as the same couldn’t be said about the honours’ students of all the three years. “There was no clarity about the questions as many of them were from chapters not mentioned in

The night outs... Credit: www.degreedirectory.org

The night outs... Credit: www.degreedirectory.org

our syllabus book.” says Deepthi, a 2nd year honours’ student. Whereas on the other hand, Sruthi, a 1st year regulars’ student says “The papers were well-set and for all the effort we put in, some of them easier than expected.” Guess it did after all depend on the overly used exam-cliché, LUCK! And it was luck, that didn’t shower on the students who were caught cheating and were debarred from writing the exams. Cases of copying were registered at a lot of colleges and strict action was taken against such students.

The exam centres allotted proved to be an issue for many students. Be it the college premises, the lack of electricity or the scorching Hyderabadi

Last minute studying Credit: Rouge Wave

Last minute studying Credit: Rouge Wave

summer. “The centre allotted to us was anything but a college. There was no room to even stand, let alone write an exam.” complains an irate student. “With exams being held in the afternoon, one of the major drawbacks was that by the time we reached the centre, we were already tired and then to write an exam for three hours without electricity almost cost us the exams.” adds Sruthi whose exams were conducted between 2:00 and 5:00 in the afternoon along with the second years. A few colleges failing to provide something as basic as water also left the students disappointed.

Another major setback the exams suffered was being hit by the elections. Even after detailed planning by the authorities, the 3rd year Computers’ students have their Web Programming exam postponed to the 28th of April which was originally scheduled on the 15th of the month. “The

And finally the exam! Credit: www.thehindu.com

And finally the exam! Credit: www.thehindu.com

postponement of the web programming exam by almost two weeks is terrible news. We’ve lost what little seriousness we had and all the post degree plans have been thrown out of gear. But I guess it’s a necessary evil because of the elections.” fumes Nitant, a 3rd year B.Com Computers student.

Despite the hurdles and the setbacks, the exams, barring the one paper of the 3rd years, have been completed successfully. With a few lecturers being appointed for election duty, the papers are likely to be sent for correction only after the completion of their duties and the results could be expected in the first half of the month of June. Until the next summer, the students can take a breath of relief!

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