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Doesn’t terrorism sound like any other common word which we use frequently? It has become so common that now when we listen or see news on television about an explosion, we know in our hearts that we will get to hear  about another one pretty soon. The news which follows a terrorist attack varies from blaming the security agencies, having intelligence failure or simply loop-holes in the whole system. The next news to be telecasted after a day or two of the attack contains the story line saying “XYZ city resumes its usual pace and shows the true spirit in fight against terrorism”. Well, agreeing with the fact that the true sprit of the public is shown but in perspective with the fight against terrorism it is a bit speculative because what leads to such attitude is not the spirit to fight against terrorism but rather to get accustomed to it.



Terrorism could be defined as “Calculated act of violence against human lives, in order to attain goals that are political, religious or ideological in nature; this is done through intimidation or instilling fear.” Tracing back the history of terrorism is ascinating in itself as it dates back to around 300 BC to the city of Rome, when a group of barbarians attacked the Counsel in Rome, in the absence of their military, the people of Rome were scared and at that time the word ‘Terror’ was coined to define Fear and Terrorism as an act to instill fear.

Mentioning the first incident of terror relevant to modern world we pin point to the Italian Patriot, Mr. Felice Orsini who in January of 1858 threw 3 bombs to assassinate Napoleon III, but ended up killing 8 other bystanders. He was not called a terrorist by all for he was fighting for a cause and he was considered a hero for many. A very famous quote worth mentioning is, “One man’s terrorist is another man’s freedom fighter.”  It surely is a point to ponder on whether justifying ones frustration or anger by taking lives of innocent in rebel for a cause could be termed as terror or radical behaviour as was in the case of our freedom fighters like Chandra Shekhar Azad, Bhagat Singh who were called terrorists by the Britishers. The list could be endless we start quoting instances of terrorist violence, in 1972 at Munich Olympics 11 Israeli sportsmen were held hostage and later killed by the terrorist, in 1983 at Beirut international airport 241 US Marines were killed, we have all heard and seen the 9/11 attack in the United States of America, the 24/7 tube train attacks in the United Kingdom and many more such international incidents which shook the western world.610x_1

Speaking of our nation where according to facts every 3rd day a terrorist or insurgent attack takes place across our nation. We all remember the Akshardham attack, Parliament attack. Godhara Hatya Kand, Gujarat blasts, Bangalore Blasts,  Hyderabad Blast and the much recent Mumbai attack or more the ever happening terror activities in the region of Paradise on earth, Kashmir or the Insurgent problems in the seven sister region of Eastern region of India, or the naxal and maoist attacks in region of Uttar Pradesh, Bihar, Orissa, Andhra Pradesh and the list would go on an on.  What we seem to have forgotten is that terrorists are still managing to carry out there act of violence in any part of our nation and there seems to be no part which we as citizens of our country play to protect its integrity and peace.

Another shocking fact is that India houses or faces all the major types of terrorisms being characterized in the world to name a few we have:

1. Cyber terrorism
2. Bio terrorism
3. Narco terrorism
4. Politically motivated terrorism
5. Religiously motivated terrorism
6. Left wing terrorism
7. Anarchist terrorism
8. Aqua/Marine terrorism
9. Neo- fascist terrorism

Many more…terrorists

People are carrying out act of terror in the name of God, though no religious moral favours or encourage terrorism. Terrorism does not belong to a particular religion or faith, but it does target the foundation of Humanity. Seeing the news clipping of a 4 year old holding a sub automatic machine gun or a 7 year old firing rounds of bullets, frightens one deeply. The leaders of such terrorist groups have realized it’s very easy and important to mould young minds at a tender age where they grasp anything taught to them very quickly and without questioning. When would we realize that in order to fight terrorism, actions should be carried out to remove poverty, unemployment and illiteracy. No one could preach about on the ways of stopping terrorism because we are all aware of the extent of the problem, but  not to act in anyway, thinking the problem is too big to be solved ourselves and sit back and carry on a life of fear and panic. It would be considered as a worst way to live our lives.

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