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Fly High, Soar the Sky. Ripping the heart of an aircraft or much better peeling off its skin sounds too eeky, but some of the students in town prefer to do just this and spend their holidays and you know what they call it , their mini project. Place of action: Flytech aviation academy at Nadergul, where students of C.M.Engineering College, pursuing their B.Tech in Aerospace Engineering are doing their mini project. A group of 6 students: Arvind, Ashok, Abhishek. Ganesh, Gaurav and Sohail, all from the same class have finished up learning the basics of Practical knowledge concerning the aircrafts which includes avionics, engines, propulsions, airframes, radar, instruments and many such intriguing fields of further study.

One of the team members, Abhishek informed us, “Rather than a team its individuals out here learn the topics of our interests, so that we could carry out solo projects on a wide variety of topics.” Emboldening as it may sound, these youngsters followed a strenuous schedule of reaching the place at 8 am in the morning even though it required them to wake up much earlier in the morning than a usual college day. Their day starts with a briefing by their Project guide, Mr. Aasthana who happens to be the Professor of Aero Propulsions. Apparently, he is an experienced senior faculty member who, along with the practical knowledge he acquired while serving the Indian Air Force, was a real help to the students in understanding the concepts substantially. Mr. Aasthana is all praise about his team of young engineers and he  just cannot seem to stop talking about the amount of discipline and focus of attention that had been instilled in his students.

Project Guide Mr. A C Aasthana. Credit: Dynamic Warrior

Project Guide Mr. A C Aasthana. Credit: Dynamic Warrior

Gaurav, another  team mate tells us “If only JNTU would have included all these practical aspects to aeronautics in the course, we would have been more prepared to meet the requirements of the outside world when we pass our course”. It really stands true because students doing Diploma in Aircraft Maintenance are actually preferred in the real industry rather than the B Tech graduates who end up searching for jobs in other sectors of automobiles or even the IT sector. When asked more about their project, we were told that they we trying to obtain as much information as possible on the aircrafts, its structure and functioning as they had only a weeks permission and they wouldn’t want to miss out on any stuff. These lucky lads got to witness the functioning of a 14 cylinder aircraft piston engine of a pre World War II model DC 10 aircraft used even by the Royal Air Force.

What fascinated the most to Arvind, who had been a member of the National Cadet Corps was – Air Wings during his school days, were the aero models today. Ganesh also seemed intrigued by the display models which depicted the functioning of aircraft control systems and how the lift is actually produced by the wings of  aircrafts eventually making  them fly. In a shared view, all of them said that, together that they had eventually learnt more than what they actually get to in a year of the regular classes they attend in their colleges. Other faculty member like Mr. Srinivas, taught the students about the air frame and skin structures of an aircraft thereby describing the term Aerodynamics.

The World War II DC-10 bomber transport aircraft. Credit: Dynamic Warrior

The World War II DC-10 bomber transport aircraft. Credit: Dynamic Warrior

After two hours of theory classes every day, the students had a break of half an hour to binge on food, cause after the break they hit the practical classes in the afternoon and every single day was a new experience for them, on the first day they learnt about propellers and piston firing engines, next day they learned about the instrument panel of the Civil 8 seater twin engine turbo jet plane, and the days to follow got more interesting ahead. They were more than thankful to their Lecturer from College who actually set up the whole project for them, Mrs. Malati; when see told them that the last two days of there educational endeavor would let them learn about helicopters and also let them witness the solo flights of a Cessna 172 trainer aircraft at the Nadergul air field. So it was all more exciting and more to learn the next day when the group went to Sigma Institute to witness two helicopters one of which of Chetak an old Indian Air Force chopper, and they were told about the Auto Gyro effect and other concepts concerning to the helicopter flight and performance.

Then came the last day and the group looked gloomy, as they told us they felt they had so much more to learn and were feeling bad they couldn’t spend more time at the place. Few of the students already decided on what their project topics were to be, as we spoke to Ganesh he told us he would be doing a project soon in the months to come ahead on Enhancing system performance of Cessna Series of trainer aircrafts, whereas Gaurav was more keen on carrying out Case Study on the Indian Aviation Scenario, and Ashok and Abhishek had decided to make mock up of the prestigious DC-10 piston firing system. All said and done the group didn’t stop at this, they wanted to share what they had learnt and thus went on to carry out seminars regarding the same at their college for the others who missed out on this glorious opportunity and also to their juniors who were to learn similar concepts sans the practical part very soon, thus ensuring them a better chance to understand what was taught in class.

The entrance to the runway at the site. Credit: Gaurav

The entrance to the runway at the site. Credit: Gaurav

The group says that they would be carrying out more such learning trips and utilizing their holidays to increase their knowledge bank and get prepared for the world outside  college.

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