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The Taliban Look.  Credit: Rouge Wave

The Taliban Look. Credit: Rouge Wave

With temperatures threatening to rise with each passing day and cross the 45 degrees Celsius mark, things are heating up in the city, quite literally too. The running of fans and the coolers all day long don’t seem to be bringing much of a respite and ACs are being bought like never before, the monstrous electricity bills not deterring people at all. People across the city, young and old, are doing everything within their power to reduce the effects of the blistering summer.

But even the sweltering heat isn’t keeping the student community away from trying out new things this summer. With the exam season nearly coming to an end, students across the city are beginning to find things to do in the summer, heat or no heat. The available options are spread across a varied range of things for them to do. While a lucky few are taking a break from the heat by heading out to cooler destinations, some of the others are keeping themselves engaged with Dance and Yoga classes, Summer Courses, Internships and Summer Jobs, which seem to be few and far between.

Viva Juice Wala!  Credit: Rouge Wave

Viva Juice Wala! Credit: Rouge Wave

A popular fad that seems to have caught up with the youth this season is learning a foreign language. With Spanish, German, Japanese and French being taught in the city, one of the most popular destinations for students is the Alliance Francaise de Hyderabad at Marredpally. Throngs of students are flocking to Alliance Francaise to enlist themselves into the diverse courses offered by them. And the students here seem to have their own way of beating the heat. Their answer to the scorching heat seems to be a mixture between the traditional ways and a unique style of their own.

“The best way to cool your body down in summers is to take a lot of fluids. I drink as much as water and sometimes add electrolytes in water to prevent dehydration. And I carry a bottle of water with me everywhere I go.” says Suneetha Kokila, a student at Alliance Fransaice. As important as it is to keep one’s self hydrated in the summer, it is also of very vital that the skin is taken care of. Padmini. R agrees whole heartedly with it. “I swear by sunscreen lotion in the summers. And I also have to take special care of my hair these days.” says Padmini. She also adds that the right a sunscreen with the right SPF should be used to protect one’s self from the harsh sun.

In the shadows...  Credit: Rouge Wave

In the shadows... Credit: Rouge Wave

Like every season, summer also has its share of new fashion trends. And this year, people at Alliance Francaise jokingly call it the Taliban look. “As I start for my French class everyday, I cover myself with a scarf and sunglasses (to protect myself from UV rays) are a must too. I drape the scarf all over my head and shoulders even when I don’t drive a vehicle. My friends never fail to comment on my Taliban style.” reveals Karuna Garuda, who is also a student of St. Francis College for Women. Another ‘must-do’ according to Sudheshna, who is pursuing her third level at Alliance, is “Wearing natural fabrics and preferably light colours. I prefer them because they let my body ‘breathe’ and make me feel very comfortable.” It’s not only the fairer sex that takes care of itself in the hottest season of the year. Santosh, who is the youngest in the group, says “I’m always at the fruit juice stalls or the coconut water walas around the class. There is a lot of choice here and I have something new everyday.” When asked if he uses an umbrella to protect himself from the sun, he says that he wears a cap whenever he is outside the class and it’s the ‘girls’ that use an umbrella.

Summer brings with it things that are both loved and hated. A holiday from the year long studies are welcomed with more than open arms but at the same time, it also brings a set of health hazards which could dampen the spirit. Staying healthy and safe in the summer is of great importance. And it can be achieved by following few very simple things. Keeping one’s self hydrated and using some kind of protection against the sun would make a great start, which in turn would lead to a great vacation. Happy summer!

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