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The day a new movie releases, people rush to watch it, irrespective of who the actor is. That’s the trend people mainly in the south follow. People here are movie buffs in the true sense. The commotion and ado doubles when the movies have the public’s favorite stars in them. The group that gain maximum advantage out of the excited population are the black movie ticket marketers. Public here are movie maniacs, and hence the black market thrives. By the time you enter the theatre, most of the tickets are sold out and excited movie watchers have no other go, but to buy the tickets in black.

Recently, the Ravi Teja starrer Kick got released which has already been confirmed a super hit. The movie generally runs full at the theatres in RTC Cross roads, where most Telugu movies release. It has a series of theatres like, Odeon, Sudarshan, Sandhya, Devi, Sri Mayuri, and Usha Mayuri. The area is almost always crowded, considering the number of movies running at the theatres there. The movie Kick is running at the Odeon theatre where black marketing is openly practiced even with the Police around. Even if you go an hour and a half before the show begins, the tickets are sold out, out of which at least half the tickets are sold to the black marketers and they start chanting, “Dus ka tees”, “Pachaas ka sau” and so on.

Police chatting, at the Odeon theatre

Police chatting, at the Odeon theatre. Credit: silent screamer

One of the black marketers at Odeon says, “This is by far the best business I have been in. I sell the fifty rupees and forty rupees tickets for hundred minimum. And its not that people don’t buy! They do! There are hard core fans out here. For people, movies are the best source of entertainment here, and for them money doesn’t matter if they decide to watch a movie. We sell the tickets at double the price and get the profit we want. This is how we survive.” When asked if they were scared about the police catching them red handed, this business being illegal, he says, “The police? What will they do? We give them their commission, and they mind their own business. Nobody bothers us.”

Students have their say on black marketers too. Bhanu Kiran, a para medical student says, “Buying tickets in black come handy sometimes, though what they do is illegal and we encourage them more.” Ramya says, “Well, selling tickets in black is bad, but its good when you want to watch a movie you have been waiting for and you don’t find the tickets!”. Karthik says, “Black marketers should be jailed. What they do is not only illegal, but also disadvantageous for the buyers. I would rather not watch the movie at all than buy the tickets in black”. Akhil, a school student says, “I don’t have anything against the black marketers. It is actually cool, when you don’t get tickets, and you still have an option to buy them in black. It is expensive, but I would do anything to watch my favorite movie on the first day.”

Crowd near the ticket counters

Crowd near the ticket counters Credit: silent screamer

Some movies, which have mega star Chiranjeevi and Pawan Kalyan, go for at least a minimum of Rs.600 on the first day of release at local theatres. And they are sold well! Fans buy the tickets even for a 1000 sometimes, just to watch their favorite stars on big screen on the first day of the movie’s release. The youth are the craziest movie maniacs of the lot. For most of them absolutely any movie would do, as far as it passes their time. Maybe selling tickets in black is illegal, but I bet every student has watched a movie in black, at some point in their lives.

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