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Graduate Record Examination (GRE), is a qualifying examination for pursuing Master’s Degree from United States, Australia and many other countries. It is basically a computer adaptive test, which aims at testing verbal and quantitative skills of the students who have completed their undergraduation and looking forward to take Masters in their field of interest. Students, who think of taking GRE, believe that Krupa is one of the most reputed institutions in town. “GRE and Krupa go hand in hand”, students say. Many students from IIT’s come here and take coaching in the their break time before they take GRE.

With the kind of reputation it is carrying, students at first, may probably expect Krupa Coaching as one very vast institute, with branches geographically spread across all places and with students and faculty in huge numbers but to our astonishment Krupa Coaching is one single building with a single classroom, at Nallakunta (near vegetable market)with only two student batches going on in a month. Then if you are still skeptic, about what makes the institute so much popular, then the only answer to this question is to meet Prof. Krupa Shanker, the man behind for all the hype.

It is surprising to unravel that he started his career as a Chef and it took 20 solid years, for him to find out his niche, as teaching. He worked as Chef in ITDC under Central Government for 20 years in many places like Delhi, Bangalore, and Kolkata and at many other places, after which he came back to Hyderabad and started exploring ways and means to find out what he is for! Then he laid the foundation for Krupa Coaching and never turned back. It is his teachings and principles that keep the institute busy through out the year.
Krupa Coaching runs all through the year, and one has to pay RS.6000 for verbal and RS.2000 for quants part( The fee may vary and is likely to change according to time of admission).Duration of these courses is 45 days. The timings for both morning and evening batches are 6:30 A.M/P.M TO 8:00 A.M/P.M. After the training , Mr. Krupa welcomes all his students to clarify their doubt any time till they take the exam. He also advises students to answer arguments and Issues section in GRE and submit him so that he can assess their accuracy and guide them well as these are important sections.For more details: Contact Krupa Coaching at PH: 04027665084, Nallakunta(Near vegetable market, HYDERABAD).

When some one takes a first look at the classroom, it is extremely unlikely and impossible to let your eyes flip, even for a minute as the walls inside keeps us very busy and they are all completely filled up with words, adages and arts.

Krupa Coaching , Nallakunta Credit: Krupa Coaching

Krupa Coaching , Nallakunta Credit: Krupa Coaching

Here is what Prof. Krupa Shanker told VidYouth:

VY: Hello sir, How did Krupa Coaching happen?
Krupa Shanker (KS): I worked as a Chef for 20 years, but it never satiated me, finally I found that teaching was my niche and now I’m here.

VY: How could you change your profession after such a long span, as it is very adventurous to start your career in a completely different stream after settling in a career for 20 years?
KS: Initially I had to stumble a lot with the caustics I received from both my family and outsiders. Ultimately, I had to set myself on fire to achieve success in what ever I dreamt.

VY: Why should your students pursue M.S in the U.S?
KS: Indian culture is 800 years old and we have acquired great knowledge when west was not even formed but as years passed this prosperity got declined and now our Indian education system is way substandard compared to U.S. Here, incompetent teachers, poor infrastructures are the main hurdles. Good infrastructure and hands on experience in U.S is what is motivating our functionally illiterate students to pursue Masters.

VY: Why is the emphasis on English?
KS: All knowledge is linguistic, that is in words. The more perfection you gain in a language, the more knowledge you have. As English is global language, today the entire world is behind it.

VY: Why only two batches in a month? With the name you have, you can actually…
KS: I don’t belive in killing the goose, just because it lays golden eggs. I believe in perfection, in all respects. I’m not here to make money, if that was my motto Krupa Coaching would have spread geographically, and multiplied its numbers in all respects.

VY: Secret of Success!
KS: You must set yourself on fire, to achieve success! And find out what are you for?

VY: What do you do the rest of the time?
KS: I’m invited to take personality workshops and I play cricket with my students.

Here is what students say about their institute!

“Krupa, the epitome of wisdom and intellect. His perspicacious command over language(s), razor sharp spontaneity, witty remarks, consummate fluency makes class as a perfect place to learn and live with English”, says a student Harshavardhan Reddy who has experienced all by himself through the teachings of Mr. Krupa Shanker.

“He is a very good motivator. I think one must attend his classes though one is looking forward to take GRE or not” says Nanda

“I have not gone to Krupa, but I have listened to his audio recordings and verbal material, and I found them very, very useful”, Says Karthik

“I heard about Krupa from my friends. His teachings are ultimate as he makes us learn words in numerous ways through self composed poetry, jargon, assignments related to various streams like Personality, Intelligence, Politics, Games etc. which makes classes very interesting” says Rani.

“His sessions are inspiring and motivating” , says Lalithya

Now if one still wonders why should one go for it? His classes are very informative and the kind of material students get there is very good, as it not only comprises of all the information related to GRE and TOEFL but also, consists of audio recordings of words and their meanings, made by Krupa himself for the benefit of students, which a tudent can dump into their mobile to listen to them while travelling.

Success of Krupa can only be assessed from the success stories of its students whom Prof. Krupa Shanker calls as Juggernauts — an unstoppable force that annihilates everything in its path.

* KRUPA Coaching was formerly referred to as GRE Krupa in the previous version of the article.

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