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Akin to the popular belief that young people prefer to stay indoors inorder to overcome the rising temperatures, students of VNR VJIET seem to have no qualms battling the heat for a variety of propitious activities. Come what may, they are leaving no stone unturned in making the most of their holidays.

1. The streets are burning, but the Devil may care, we shall still travel.  Apparently, most of them are heading for short trips with their buddies to lure the sweat off and unwind. Sharat Karthik, a third year student affirms, ” We planned to drive our way to Coorg, its a great place to chill out and since we all love driving, we don’t really care about temperatures or anything.” Others destinations included Ooty, Kodaikanal, Munnar and Coonoor.

2. The instant chilling experience lies at the Local swimming pools which have the crowds go berserk right from the early hours until late dusk. Swimming is the finest choice of  exercise this month and even the farthest of pools aren’t being spared.  Few were seen sporting a playful mood at the Jubilee Club, as well as the Secunderabad club. “Swimming has helped me  stay cool all this while, the heat would have been unbearable otherwise. I’d suggest everyone to spend atleast some time in water . I bet its gonna work” says Anusha Reddy, a student of first year.

Local mantra - Freestyle Wading. Credit: Screed Hauteur

Local mantra - Freestyle Wading. Credit: Screed Hauteur

3. The season also hires the much awaited IPL series leaving most of the guys and girls hooked to the television, be it the Extreme Sports Bar or their own home; “As an ardent cricket fan, I would never want to miss any of the matches. I’m glued to the match; always making sure there is a TV wherever I am” confesses Sandeep, a second year student. Is it the best pastime while you’re indoors? “Well, I would do that whenever the matches are around, like every other cricket buff but good that i won’t be going out much” he clues in.

4. Woke up late and have no plans for the day? So go ahead and hit the theatres because movies are meant for the noon; So true when the retreat is more than often. A movie a day might just lay off the weariness and rejuvenate your senses until the sun sets back in the evening. You will surely forget the scorching heat the whole time.

5. Gathering a bunch of pals and playing fun games seems to be the best way to overcome boredom for most of the first year students. Each of them appears as cool as a cucumber. Freaking out with friends for coffee or long drives is what they love to do in the evening time.

Hill-station frenzy - Coorg. Credit: Screed Hauteur

Hill-station frenzy - Coorg. Credit: Screed Hauteur

6. The third year students are getting into an overdrive with the overhead of a mini-project. Lecturers wouldn’t spare them if undone, with hardly any time left to paint the town and kick off heels, they’re the only ones struggling through campus placements’  training. Placement Officer, MVRD Prasad, had announced that the training programme will commence soon after the exams.

7. Break a sweat, Oh lady ! The confessions of a shopaholic isnt’t the only reason for all the girls to fancy shopping malls. Everyone seems to be on a spree, especially during the day. Sahitya Surapaneni, a third year IT student opens up, “I love shopping and I spend hours in malls checking out stuff irrespective of whether I buy something or not. Also its my favorite pastime.” Her friend Akhila Chitiprolu, agrees saying that sometimes she doesn’t realize the time as the clock ticks its way hastily. “We’re basically on a shopping spree,” she expresses in excitement. Even the guys seem to opt for this rather than sitting idle at home.

8. Lastly, no matter what, none of them can survive this without the aid of ever-tempting ice-creams to liven up their taste buds. “We all love ice-creams, don’t we?” reminds a petite first year student. The Amul ice-cream parlour in the campus doesn’t rescue them as there is not a single student around . The otherwise crowded place looks solitary and empty right under the sun. “Its the best way to chill yourself, just ice-cream will do the trick, I’ve been eating over 2 in a day from the last two weeks” says Neha who is crazy about Sun-daes !

Karthik with his friends. Credit: Screed Hauteur

Karthik with his friends. Credit: Screed Hauteur

Each of them, with their varied interests are putting ample time into beneficial activities that would help them at some or the other point in the future. They remain high-spirited, as though waiting the summer to end and reopen the trodden gates of the college again!  Surely, these people know how to make the best of their summer-stricken days.

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