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Everybody’s in the groove, but where is the party tonite? “Nothing as such, Lets just go partying dude!” exclaims Amulya Kothapalli of VNR VJIET. The shoes are set, hair pulled down. The spirits are high enough to trigger their verve and dance throughout the night. “Hey, where is the party tonite?” is one of those things that cannot be left unheard. Partying is the new game which has struck the college hoppers through a glamour-stricken furor. Nobody needs to feed fire to this herd of partyholics. But does the fun-filled party end there?

The party circuit, with its numerous descendants from the IT companies, who are now taking a backseat has indeed splurged its charm over peers in various engineering colleges. College parties, freshers or farewell parties were the usual beginning for most of them. “It started with the freshers’ party that our seniors threw.We just lov’d it and soon a few more followed by. Now, I’ve turned into a party animal I guess cuz I party atleast once a week” shrugs Navneetha Rao, a third year student of JBREC. Live to party or love to party is what seems to be their driving force. No wonder, these social butterflies are often seen having a ball wherever they head. Looks like all the roads are busy from Liquids to Excess and further more. “There lots of new faces these days… I’ve been playing for a lot of college parties lately… Its much different from the regular ones wherein I get a lot of requests for songs” recalls Dj Satish, a popular DJ in town.

There’s more than just rubbing shoulders over mere acquaintances, these fashion-conscious youth seek all the rituals of socializing from getting a high over drinks to dancing to popular numbers and remixes. Eventually losing inhibitions and becoming vulnerable. Drug abuse, alcohol and one-night-stands are just phenomenal to the entire scene. “It gets infuriating sometimes when random people who’re drunk just come up to you and try to talk to you” adds Amulya.

"Just one more and I'll be done"

"Just one more and I'll be done" Credit: Screed Hauteur

On the other hand, those who are on the wagon too get pressurized upon giving in. Nisha Singhal (name changed), a student of VNR VJIET admits, “I’ve been through situations where I had to booze cuz all my friends were doing it. They didn’t leave me with an option. I had to do it, I had to do whatever they did, else I would be outta their group.”

Although, the Supreme Court has imposed a ban on smoking in public places, nobody seems to blink an eyelid. Ashish Verma, a local student says “Oh common, that’s never gonna happen cuz at the end of the day, if you wanna smoke, you’re gonna do it anyway.”  When asked why he wouldn’t follow rules, “Most of us love breaking rules. But then, if they were more strict then maybe I would stop smoking in public” he says.

Socializing for one, has treaded many a ways for gambling in and out. Meeting people with similar interests, often the ones with fat pockets and sometimes an urge to relieve pressure among adolescents could make them gamble away the night. Sitanshu Bhate, a student of Bhavans asserts, “Gambling for many is an addiction. I think its usually starts once you begin socializing over booze and parties. Some people get so addicted that they just cannot do without it everyday”

As mischief-mongers thrive to indulge in drink spiking or what they call, ‘Slipped a mickey’ it isn’t always easy for them, its usually a phenomenon of the private parties. Arvind Lal, owner of Awana says, “We’ve got around four to five bouncers here to knock out trouble makers and keep an eye on everyone in general”. It isn’t just about making yourself scarce in the aphotic realms.

 Striking a pose: Navneetha Rao, a student of JBREC

Striking a pose: Navneetha Rao, a student of JBREC Credit: Screed Hauteur

Drunken driving follows back to back, where the fear of being caught by the cops surfaces. Often, the horrid stories that folks get to hear almost frightens them while their teenyboppers are away casting a spell of bells and whistles. Most of them admit that they remain unaware of their wards’ wild ways. While those who happen to find out, unforeseen, are in for a rude awakening.

A halo of gossip, hearty laughter and fun is definitely harmless.

Hovered by the very thought of an “Almost Famous” appeal, youngsters are getting into the scene so that they can be recognized, famous and strike an edge over the others. While the much-hyped and easily achievable limelight being one of the major reasons for partying among students, finding a way of ear-splitting ravishment is what others look for.

If you think the party ends there, you need to ask doughnuts for help. The snazzy after hours bash is yet to be witnessed; Unsuspecting conversations that cannot be accounted upon later might drool about the lunatic atmosphere until the wee hours of the morning. Everything is blacked-out once the sun rises only to scream about the fountainhead of stories, all past the darkness, invaded by the deafening silence of the night.

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