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Come examination time and everyone gets lined up before the book stores for the big tome – All in One. The diverse colors on its surface makes everyone feel that it is interesting to go through. But when you lift it, it’s a heavy, fat, overweighed concept filled book, which is published for the complete semester or complete academic year for students. At primary schooling it is called “Guide”, later it gets promoted into the status of “Reference Books” in secondary schooling. In Inter or 11th and 12th standards, it is a must for answers in many colleges and schools. For engineering students (mainly JNTU) it is  “All in One”. MBD, S.Chand’s are the best for school level. In junior college Vikram series and VGS series are very popular. In Engineering, Spectrum is the ruler. “It is almost like a Bhagavad Gita or like any holy book for a student during exams”, opines Bhavya, a Bachelor’s student.  Although these books are shortcuts for preparation yet many branches don’t have AIO’s, like Biotechnology, Aeronautical Engineering and even the OU students dont have the option of using an AIO.

During exams time, every student wants to have high scores in their pockets and reading from an All In One is not a wrong way of preparation. “It fetches us more marks and gives us an idea on how much and what exactly to write in an answer for the given question”, said Aparna, a school student. Fetches marks??? Is there any offer that if we buy an AIO you are given extra marks??? I Doubt!!

“Exams ke wakt pe iska demand jyada rehta hai, student log aake line maarthe hai shop ke samne ‘kab ayega’ bolke. Hum bhi ek book pe exam time mein 20-35 rupees kamaa lete madam, humra business bhi chalna hai na. Phir bhi kabhi kabhi kuch nahi milta”, stated a Shopkeeper. Many students gave an opinion that at peak time AIO is the best means of preparation as you get the readymade and instant subject. Like the text book, even AIO covers the complete concepts mentioned in the syllabus. It even has the frequently asked questions and important questions separately categorized. It also has the model questions and the various other questions that can be framed from a particular chapter.

Content of the book nges from one series to another Credit: Morle

Content of the book nges from one series to another Credit: Morle

“I mostly prefer One day Batting i.e., I usually read only during examinations and AIO helps in finishing the subject very easily and in very less time”, averred Sandesh, a degree college student. Despite bugging your heads behind the text book, it is very easy to read an AIO. It is like a peeled banana, all one has to do is just know how to eat it.

Is it handy just during exams?
AIO (All in One) can be used in all times. But as the syllabus in the present educational system changes every year it’s a problem with the book. Maybe the last year syllabus differs from the latest edition. “It would be preferably good for the students if these AIO’s are out into market at least 1-2 months prior to examinations. So that the students can read this book and also read the texts and can cover the complete syllabus”, said Sailender, a lecturer.

When questioned, “Are the present day students studying the complete syllabus for exams”? He replied that, it is the system they are in. Maybe 75% students don’t go through the complete syllabus. Pros and cons always exist. Why just look at the 75%, its better if we look at the 25% students too who try to read and complete the syllabus fully. Optional questions are giving them options. “We are not just publishing these All in One’s for the sake of those students who just wanna get passed away with average marks. Even few toppers read this and found it good”, was the statement made by a AIO Publisher. Many series are out there, but one again has to be conscious on which book is good.

How to read an All in One?
The very first question that strikes the mind. It’s the same way you read a text book. Go through each and every question, each and every concept. Read the complete answer, understand it and try to think on it. If once you feel you understood the idea behind it, shift to the next question. If you didn’t then read it once again. But for sure one has to possess the minimum required knowledge of the subject one is going through. This statement has logic. Recently, one late night, a friend of mine, sent me a text, “What is shift right of 1100 and 1001?” {A Computer organization concept} It was very simple and I gave a reply. After 5 minutes I got another text “I undrstod de cmplt ans but stil I’m nt abl 2 undrstnd hw 2 prfrm dis shift right. It seems lik I got the logic coz 1st line sr i got de ans but 2nd line sr its wrng :-( ”. After the explanation of the complete theory and process involved in doing that operation of shift right he replied again, “My logic ws crct, oly prb vd it ws I dint knw de basic tng dat v hav 2 shift right de cmplt line nd nt jst de value in dat column :-( :-(”. This statement makes us think that one sure has to know what every particular thing meant before reading this book.

Colorful and Attractive Credit: Morle

Colorful and Attractive Credit: Morle

One always has to at least know what a given term mean. It’s not a particular pattern or flow the answers are published in. Its just few random questions that have the probability of being questioned are published. “See, there are many advantages in buying an All in One and mainly it’s cheap too yaar, it is just 350-450 rupees. Why buy those many books and read the subject. All those texts will not even have the complete answer to a question again you have to refer another book. Plus all the books cost you a lot. Size ka no problem re… tear it separately into subject wise and read it, but be careful while tearing it huh haat cut karna ka chances hai”, alleged Raj Kumar. Seems like this guy thinks a lot about Malamaal.

The main difference between an AIO preparation and Text Books preparation is: In an AIO you are given the questions that can be asked or that are already asked on a concept. But in Texts, the narration of the complete concept will be in a continuous flow and it defines each and every term that is mentioned. It is preferable to read the concept and then frame the questions that can be asked than just reading the questions to learn the subject.

Advantages of using an AIO is, it is easy to go through, finish syllabus soon and it is instant readymade stuff, it also helps in getting good scores. But the disadvantage is that there is always a chance of asking questions from the minute and least important part of the chapter. Knowing the meaning of every term is also important.

So be attentive on how you prepare for the exam and what exactly do you want just good score or score and subject. Study in a proper way and glorify your results.

Advice: Study hard… ALL THE BEST.

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