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Wondering what’s in vogue this season? Or what is it that might make you one among the most stylish people around the city!! Then bang is the way to go!!! Young girls today swear by bangs.. the new trend that’s catching up with teenage girls..This new hairstyle has become the most popular one among the hepp crowd! Bangs are great and each one can probably wear some variation of them. The day one gets it… everyone goes wooohhh… she’s got a bang!

Bangs come in different styles and are very easy to maintain. “You just have to brush through n there you have it, your hair’s set!”, Ginelle Faria adds to it saying, “No matter how long and bouncy your hair is, the bang adds the needed oomph and style. And in the present day scenario, when there’s hardly anytime for girls to pamper themselves at the parlours, or take care of their hair, bangs come as a great rescue”. Swetha of St.Francis Degree College says, “I love the straight bang sported by Deepika Padukone in the movie Chandini Chowk to China”. Straight bangs are simple without curls or wave and can help frame the facial area. Straight bangs can be great for simple looks with ponytails as well as sleek simple hairstyles.

Coming to the side bang, it is the one sported by Prachi Desai in the film Rock on… What niche it created for her character…Sumanaska a student of Loyola Academy says, “I was quite impressed by the way Prachi looked throughout out the movie”.
Without any second thoughts Sumanaska headed straight to one of the best hair care centers in town, Habibs, and got the side fringe done. Beyond anyone’s wildest guesses she paid 800 bucks jus to get the look right! Now you know how much in demand the ‘bang’ is!!!

Side fringes are ideal for gals with Polka straight hair, as the simple straight long hair gets real boring at times. It is also great for gals who have longer faces. Few other bang styles that are largely in demand, are Parted bangs, Choppy bangs, Side swept bangs, Wispy bangs, Blunt bangs and Wavy bangs, as told by Nandita a hair stylist and few other stylists at Habib’s and Charms.

Girls from every college in the city are busy trying to figure out what kinda bang would suit their face cut. Srinidhi Raghavan, a typical  sports a tomboy look, says, “I’ve never really given importance to my hair, but yeah the bang has become a necessity now ‘coz my face looks complete and neat with it… n yeah makes me feel good and that’s what matters!”. Rupali, a student of NIFT, adds to it saying, “The plain long straight hair days are gone, now is the time to experiment with the fringes so that it completes your overall look. Wearing good clothes is not all that matters right?”.

So finally, all the cool looking gals, going to colleges, parties, hang out etc., watch out for the fashion poilce and dont be found guilty for committing the crime of not getting a bang :)

The >>BANG<< it is!!

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